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Barcelona won without a clean LaLiga Santander 2021

Barcelona won without a clean  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Barca team, in a night of tactical entanglement and marked by an ugly blow from Araujo, defeated Celta after scoring in their first three shots on goal and argued with Dembele.

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There are games that are as inexplicable as they are troublesome. Barcelona’s lack in the game, but not at the auction, beat Celta on a night marked by a more serious affair. Ronald Araujo hit him against the head Gavic, Immobilized on the pitch, the Uruguay centre-back, in shock, had to be taken off the field by ambulance. [Narracin y estadsticas]

The same day that Manchester City announced the signing Erling Haaland, Barcelona face Celta late at night at a half-empty Camp Nou and with the feeling that the rebuild, if it does come, will not go through with the kind of Superman. Simply because there was a time when former President bartomeu He thought he was the king of mambo in the market. Now it’s just a matter of tracking down a list of soccer players without a contract, cheats with salary limits, the border between gloom and magical realism, and star in absurd matches.

xavi hernandez He has been complaining about the poor hygiene of his players, something the coach considers essential to his model. Enough Sergio Busquets It could not face Celta due to a suspension to confirm that this Barra is unable to make plays with a further two touches.

Footballers received, controlled, waited for a teammate to walk away, looked at the closed lines, and turned again in search of places that no one had occupied. until Danny Alves, fed up with everything, hits a ball to change direction. The Brazilian must have thought it would be better than sending the ball to the third stand.


This time Javi himself contributed to the flurry. The lack of confidence, given the club’s years of recklessness in the hunt for Busquets’ heir Ricky Puigowith and pedri You nico Wounded, the Barca coach intervened, condemning his players to a tactical syndicate.

The initial idea was clear. In the attack, they will stop three (alvesAraujo, Eric Garca), the center of the field will form the diamond (frankie de jong In Pivot, Gavi and . with sunrise in the interior and memphis as a link), and at the top there will be two extremes (Dembley You Fernando Torres) and Ram, aubameyang, Such was the mess that the real conditions multiplied. Even the Gabon striker found himself trying to make up the game with his back to his half.

The fan started whistling before half an hour between the cement of the stand. It was convenient to find the scapegoat, and it fell to Ferran Torres, unable to understand his role in this Barcelona and increasingly tormented. Joins Dribble with Ferran Kevin Vazquez, and fans paid him. No one came out after the break. striker, as Xavi had to reorganize the team with the entry of 4-3-3 and Rikki Puig; Light blue part due to injury.

The answers were not going to come to Barcelona in the game, but in their goalscoring success. Who was going to say Their first three shots on goal ended in the net, leaving Celta speechless and with the feeling that there was no use ruling the game until then.

Demble like a fish in water

Faced with such peculiar scenarios, only Demble felt like a fish in water. The French winger made it 1-0 after throwing a cane into the gallon, leaving Babia. uterine cervix, and to choose, this time, the appropriate option. He was focused where Memphis expected, which didn’t even have to shoot well to beat Dieture, Celta tried to react with a jerk galhardo denied ter stegen, But they found that Aubameyang’s bounced shot hit Azulgrana again before the break.

Not satisfying Dembele with his flash, he attacked again at the dawn of the second act with another advance from the sidelines. He found his old guardian angel, Aubameyang, who had always been adept at his job as a thrashing ram in front of Detero, there was no response other than calmness.

When Celta tried to recover and blade After Ter Stegen and Ronald Araujo took such a hard-fought goal, Caudet’s men saw how the referee was evicted. murillo With half an hour to play. The center back did nothing more than block Memphis in a dribble parallel to the goal. the referee ortiz-ariusWith questionable norms, understood that it could be a prescribed action, for which he punished with red paint.

The match collapsed after Araujo’s blow. Ricky Puig was left without celebrating a redeeming goal as he was offside. And Barcelona, ​​perhaps without knowing how, saved another night in a season that already demands an end. At least, second place in the classification is coming closer. consolation at this time.

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