Home Sport Barcelona pays for chaos in Granada | LaLiga Santander 2021

Barcelona pays for chaos in Granada | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Barcelona pays for chaos in Granada |  LaLiga Santander 2021

LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

Granada 1 Barcelona 1

Despite advancing on the scoreboard thanks to another goal from Luuk de Jong, Xavi Hernndez’s team surrendered to an agonizing end and allowed the tie after Gavi was sent off ten minutes from time

The referee expels Gavi in ​​Granada.MA MOLINAEFE

The weakness is revealed before the precipice. This is where fear drags you down, no matter how much your head tries to look up. Barcelona, ​​chaotic and unable to find calm in the ball, gave themselves up to a new exercise of survival. And it allowed Granada, in superiority thanks to Gavi’s naive expulsion, to tie the game thanks to a whip from Puertas to the squad. Even Montoro, whom Ter Stegen had to deny on the line, sniffed a last blow that did not arrive. The border line along which Xavi Hernndez’s team walks is so fine that the game continues confused in agony.

Let’s look at Ousmane Dembl. l all incoherence. It is impossible to know what he is up to, not in football or in life. Maybe he doesn’t know it himself. But it is at that moment in which the ball is going to arrive when the expectation turns into diabolical restlessness. There were few times that the ball passed under his sole when it seemed impossible for him to get out of control. The audience of Los Crmenes laughed at these episodes, although they also assumed a certain distrust. Because Dembl, despite his expansive chaos, despite the twisted dribbles and absurd cuts, believed he saw something that no one else could. Strange beauty.

Xavi’s Barcelona had no choice but to surrender to Dembl’s illogical world. Because from the static game and given the extreme speed with which the players tried to close the plays, there was no way to penetrate the iron defensive structure of Granada. Nico and Gavi, the insiders at 4-3-3, always went to the spaces marked on the board by Xavi to generate superiorities. But they did it so fast that, when catching the ball, the partner with whom he had to look for the alliance had not yet arrived. The positional game requires a certain constructive pause that the Blaugrana, too young, too impetuous, have not yet been able to achieve. At the time. Meanwhile, nobody offers the creative criteria of Dani Alves.

The game was rubbery and at times unbearable given the difficulty of the teams to take the areas – Bara was looking for the centers for Luuk de Jong, Granada for the races of Machs and Luis Surez – the attention fell on the referee Gonzlez Fuertes, who never he knew how to take the pulse of the game.

The referee team had to intervene soon in a play that could be capital. Luuk de Jong, ready to continue the good fortune found in Mallorca, nailed again at a crossroads between Ibrahimovic and Bergkamp, ​​won his back against his peer with a pillage and headed for goal. His position was correct. The VAR then intervened to warn Gonzlez Fuertes of an infraction. But in an earlier episode. Gavi, before he toasted the center of the goal, had run into Jutgl on the right flank, where he picked up the ball slightly forward. That was at least what the video refereeing tried to indicate with those lines that drag football to a scenario of geometric perfection. Just what football is not. The goal was canceled for offside.

De Jong, in any case, went his own way. Imitation of a scorpion in an aerial and spur finisher. And he claimed a penalty for a push in the Torrente area. In Granada, meanwhile, they complained about a hand from Busquets outside the penalty area and for a lack of Gavi to Milla, that what he claimed was the second yellow card for the azulgrana. Gavi, penalized for an uncontrolled impulsiveness, could no longer avoid it with ten minutes remaining after an unnecessary foul on former Barça player Collado. Meanwhile, Ter Stegen had to take a saving hand from Darwin Machs’ shot.

If Barcelona intends to get something out of Granada, it will only entrust the departure to Dani Alves, at 38 the footballer on the field with more criteria. The Brazilian knew how to wait for the perfect moment when Luuk de Jong outwitted the defender. The Dutch stalk thanked the gift in its own way, with a head to the net that goalkeeper Luis Maximiano could not put at all.

Once in advantage, Barcelona was forced to resist. And he will already do so with Lenglet, substitute for the injured Eric Garca, and with the hope that Memphis and Abde will achieve something of profit after their irruption from the bench. It was not so. Robert Moreno charged as much as he could with his attack. Xavi preferred to remove lvaro Sanz before Riqui Puig, nailed to the bench since his bad game in Mallorca. And the red one to Gavi ten minutes from the end convinced the Catalans that, this time, it would not even be enough to bail out water. Doors confirmed it.

It was another afternoon in which Barcelona went from impatience to disorder. From confusion to chaos. Ugly preamble to the Super Cup dispute.

Reference from elmundo