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Barcelona neither handles nor knows how to rise. LaLiga Santander 2021

Barcelona neither handles nor knows how to rise.  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Azulgrana team suffered a third consecutive defeat against Rio Vallecano at Camp Nou, which binds its durability.

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east barcelona from xavi hernandez He has been playing poorly since taking the Bernaboo. This ended them in the Europa League and also saw them settle for their second place, after losing their third consecutive game at the Camp Nou. this time his executioner was valecano re, who had won this stadium only once in its history—22 years ago—and who protested as much as possible to secure its permanence. how did i breathe give me myThe referee of the match disregarded the penalty series A Gavic He was offside in the 89th minute, so he was flagged off. Barca Bench attacked the band. A lighter also fell. an ugly result. [Narracin y estadsticas: 0-1]

Dembley, who is bisexual, thought it would be a good idea to throw in the Rabona hub. It cannot be a technical resource. Not even ornamentation. It was just one more stroke of the absurd football that has come to define both Barcelona and its many players.

Disappointment is recorded in the bowels of frankie de jong, To dominate the stage you must know how to stop and run, control and manage. But the Dutchman only stops when the need arises, when and where he shouldn’t, and his self-confidence collapses so much that he can only manage his emotional state, leaving the game. Football is usually brutal in exposing personal decay. Hence Camp Nou, seeing that de Jong was unable to even turn every time mark valentines It was on, he decided to point to his player. Bad business for a soccer player who never showed his instinct for rebellion. when their place during the game nicoFrankie lowered his head, turned it slowly from side to side and locked himself in the locker room. Examination demands solitude.


Xavi’s Barcelona problems have, in any case, more to do with more structural issues. Even strictly blackboard. andoni iraol, who had not won a game this 2022 at Cornell until last Thursday, put the Barca coach in a good strategic position. And that Lightning Coach didn’t have to squeeze the coconut much. They only had to short-circuit the K connection ter stegen With Sergio Busquets placing a sore in that area nteca You Unai Lopezand force it arauzzo Who will take the responsibility of creation with his wooden boot. normal when Gerard Pick what is not

The nostalgia of the dawn again added to the lack of football. This time it took seven minutes for Barcelona to score the first goal. isi palazzaniPanicked as he was fragile, Sergio turned to Busquets. The Barca midfielder didn’t budge even before Raista’s maneuver, which split the defense with an inside pass lavaro garcia fictitious interpreter Destination He didn’t arrive in time, and Rayo had enough of the attacker to control the goalkeeper’s position and with a winning right hand. Only Ter Stegen knows whether at other times he could have done anything other than throw himself to the ground, knowing that he was defeated.

From here Rayo was able to bring the momentum of the match in his own interest. Well Camp Nou fans can rebuke Target Dmitrievsky That every time he was about to pull out the door, he counted three sacks of pipe. But it should also surprise him that Barcelona, ​​raw and without any offensive structure, transmits the ball as if they were kicking a rock. The one who was reluctant to pass the time was Gavi. Rehearse the capabilities of your right foot. But his hopes were shattered at the crossbar. Fernando Torreswho passed as unnoticed aubameyangScored after taking rejection. But he was offside.

that the main auctioneer of Xavi’s team was sunrise Nothing could venture well. At least something happens there. Quite the opposite of the other side, where Demble turns his anarchism into yet another succession of bizarre episodes.

Xavi was being driven away by demons. And he changed as much as he could so that nothing would change. he got rid Destination, went to Araujo so that Lenglet will accompany Eric in the rear center. And with 20 minutes to go, the Barca coach had already activated his emergency plan, piled up the attackers and relied on the belief that the game, not the game, would save his team. A hammer blow from Memphis was rejected by Dmitrievsky. edema And Demble smelled the tie, but the one that was closest was path sisThe one who hit the stick. This was the second time the lightning had come close. what else? Bara neither handles nor knows how to get up.

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