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Barcelona has a hot glow at the start of its new era

The Azulgrana team begins the championship with a disappointing draw against Rayo, a chronic pain. Lewandowski didn’t find a place or goal in the rain-based team

Lewandowski mourns at Camp Nou.a. DalmauEFE
  • Opinion Barra is Still a Disaster by Julien Ruizo

Barcelona had a nice hot flash at the start of their new era. Nervous as infallible, insistent as innocent, a team of xavi hernandezhu He didn’t know how to drop lightning, chronic pain. It wasn’t even enough for Azulgrana, with a frenzied final stretch, which was rejected. djong in which Robert LewandowskiA new franchise footballer could not focus on the goal because How, one of the new ones, had a redemptive goal canceled for offside. same fate falcao in 95. The added eight minutes also did not give any relief to this bara in which Buskets I was expelled.

Barcelona is needed to stop LaLiga from becoming a dying club. Because this, we must not forget, is an industry that negates the small and feeds the big. El Barra, even if it’s selling its shell – one day to a fund, another to a cryptocurrency company, and the next james roures-, you need to be competitive because football doesn’t allow failure and income statement doesn’t grow even without goals. And the fan, perhaps the game’s last romantic reserve, just wants a tickle, to re-enchant with a team that, at the very least, allows him to escape briefly from the assembly line of misfortune that lives on. Is.

That’s why Camp Nou, with the business name of Spotify already along its backbone, presented a formidable entrance. Fans in the stadium with sweaty shirts that sometimes quelled the heat of Dante’s Hell, hinted that desolate days may be behind us. encountered such a pile of signatures – Lewandowski, rafinha You Christensen They were already starting against Rayo, Casey was finally coming out and Kaund Pending Registration – The fan has no choice but to believe in better times.

little harmony

But in football, a handful of good pieces are usually not successful if they are not understood and move in harmony. And no one has yet cut the cord that links it to its most recent past in this Barcelona.

Hence, Rio Vallecano, the same mature, compact and courageous team that iraula Reached the final semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, would pull Azulgrana to the limits of discretion. isi palazzani The snail’s head rests on the ground, lavaro garcia There’s still a dagger on the right bank, and some like mark trejo To disturb the midfielder with his game canchero, Rayo’s performance should not be surprising in the face of recent precedents: last season, Ronald Komen He was sacked after an accident at Veleques and Xavi also lost his match at Camp Nou. The most obvious chance of the first act, in fact, was the addition of scorer lvaro García on his final trip. before running into the slap of the end, ter stegenwas left sitting upset arauzzo, And here is one of the first failures of this new Barcelona in which Xavi, in his idea of ​​being fit in the centre-back and being with those who get the best of the ball, condemns Uruguay to the right. Araujo finds a black hole there, which makes it difficult for him to escape.

in despite of pedri You Gavic In their ranks—both were replaced when the team was up to their necks in the water—Barcelona was a team of extremes. with all this it happens when one of them is Dembley, as unexpected for the opponent to partner, and Rafinha, whose desire to be liked played a trick in her official debut. Demble and Rafinha repeatedly rehearsed their preconceived plan: face one baseline, and wait for the other to finish. But this did not work out.

emergency situation

Lewandowski very soon realized Barra’s urgency. He will be tired of making up the blanks by removing the central defender from his position series, but he no longer knew what else to do to get someone to give him a good ball. The Polish striker had woken up to score a goal, showing that very little could be enough to open the game. But there was no way. So Barcelona had to start regretting the circumstances, such as refusing to punish Rafinha after a clear contract. frank garcia -Although the Brazilian seemed to start from an offside position – or a shot from the balcony by Pedri.

Discomfort at Camp Nou could only escalate if Christensen arrived on time Camel There will be no draw for Ter Stegen. In fact, the German goalkeeper avoided the goal of salvi first in 95 falcao Taj offside.

Xavi wants the result, at least for now, to be more important than the game. He didn’t get the first one and was far from the second. The Twilight Waves attack (the Azulgrana team finished with 21 shots) referred only to an impotent Barcelona. A Barcelona that hasn’t gone away.

“It’s a mistake to do things too easily”, he wrote H. G. Wales In time machine, However, even living in difficulties does not give any relief.

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