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Barcelona donates 10% of its TV rights to the Sixth Street Fund for 205 million . Saves the year by selling in

Barca avoids closing with a club loss after agreeing with an investment fund affiliated with Real Madrid in the operation of the Bernabeu.

Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona.Quique GarciaEFE

yes ok Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s president did not risk parting ways with the government following the temporary suspension of Article 67 of the club’s statute – which forced the board of directors to resign after two years of loss – in his board for the practice. Savings account was closed as closed. And he’ll get it two days before accounting closes, when this Wednesday he’ll sign the sale of 10% of the US fund’s television rights for 205 million euros. sixth st, The agreement will be valid for 25 years, and the Barca unit expects to be able to market the other 15% until the 25% threshold is reached, which was allowed by the House of Representatives.

This first series of massive property sales that Barcelona intends to achieve something like an economic revival is far from solving the global problem. In fact, and according to Barca club sources, the aspiration is to reach 700 million in revenue before next 31 July, which will happen when LaLiga recalculates the clubs’ salary limits and the Barca unit still exceeds its negative equity .

after rejecting that agreement CVC with LaLiga that a year ago cost him his exit Leo MasseyBarcelona, ​​which maintains a strong alliance with real madrid On fronts such as the Super League, it has also followed the path of the White Club in terms of its economic partners. Because Sixth Street already has an agreement with the White Club for commercial exploitation of the Santiago Bernabeu for the next 30 years, worth about 360 million. Although the investment firm founded in 2009, which claims its control of $60,000 million, also has ties with SpotifyBarcelona’s main sponsor from this coming season.

Over 400 million for Sixth Street

They understand at Barcelona that the immediate 205 million euro injection they will receive is necessary despite the fact that, in the long term, the Barca club will face consequences. In fact, and taking into account that Barca receives about 160 million euros per year (16 million for Sixth Street per year) for their television rights, the fund will be able to achieve a minimum of 400 million over 25 years , looking at this in perspective the value of those same rights of the market will increase. In the Barcelona directive, in any case, they state that they will have a repurchase option to solve that problem.

The Laporta board, in any case, expects to sell even 49% of its marketing division during the month of July (Barca Licensing and Merchandising) A few weeks ago, Barcelona rejected an offer of 275 million euros for half the turnover.

Barcelona’s economic foremen try to solve the mess in their accounts to be able to register new soccer players in general: the 1/3 rule for now fair play, That allows clubs with over-the-limits to reinvest one-third of the proceeds from transfers or savings into players receiving at least 5% of the salary bill. Meanwhile, sports management is trying to reach a deal with Manchester United for the sale of frankie de jong In return for around 85 million euros, a deal that the Dutchman will still have to validate while on leave.

Technician waits at the entrance xavi hernandez, pending receipt of the requested additions at the earliest. Danish centre-back Andreas Christensen and Ivorian midfielder Frank Casey, Will be the first to terminate contracts with Chelsea and Milan. Meanwhile, Bayern expects to receive between 50 and 60 million euros Robert Lewandowski, Barça’s main aspiration in this summer’s market. Meanwhile, the mystery of the continuity of Osman DembeleWhich will have to take a decision on its renewal before this Thursday.

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