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Barcelona Assembly confirms deal with Spotify for 960 million over 12 years: “I understand there are skeptics” | LaLiga Santander 2021

Barcelona Assembly confirms deal with Spotify for 960 million over 12 years: "I understand there are skeptics" |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The president of Barca highlighted that the platform will soon submit its application in Catalan, “the official language of our club and Catalonia”.

Joan Laporta, during an act from Barcelona.Alexander GarciaEFE
  • Xavi “There is a tense calm in Barcelona”

The extraordinary assembly of delegates convened by Barra to vote on a sponsorship deal with Spotify, conducted electronically for the first time in the club’s history, came as no surprise, even though some problems with the platform caused it to start half an hour later. did. Planned. The agreement was eventually approved by 625 votes in favour, 49 against and 27 vacant, although the 205 regimens must also be counted. At the time of vote, as described by the Secretary of the Board, joseph cubelles, 906 delegates were recognised, including those who followed the development of the Act remotely and who personally attended including current board members, former chairmen, senatorial partners, members of various statutory commissions and fellow Sndic Did it. However, this figure is far from the possible 4,478.

The figures expected by the agreement, as published through various media, could mean total revenues of around EUR 960 million over the next 12 years. On the one hand, through title rights, meaning Barca Stadium will be known as Spotify’s Camp Nou for the duration of the agreement, five million euros will be paid per season during the first four years in which the venue will operate. be in works, and 20 million per course in the following eight. The multinational brand will also be present at the stadium’s façade and northern target. The agreement for the shirt, which includes sporting and training shirts for the men’s and women’s first teams, would mean revenues of between 57.5 and 60 million euros per campaign. “This is a preliminary agreement, the figures that have been reported should be taken down. We will have great news,” the economic vice president wanted to clarify, edwardRomeo, “It’s an agreement that exceeds the agreement we made with rakuten, Only with title rights we go for at least 12 years”, added for their part. Julie Guiu, Vice President of Marketing Sector. “With this agreement, we are the envy of any football club today,” he insisted.

However, exact figures are subject to a confidentiality agreement between the parties. “Spotify will be present on the front of men’s and women’s first team jerseys for four seasons from next year and on training shirts for three seasons. The Spotify name will be attached to the name of our stadium for the next 12 seasons.” Weather, transforming our facilities into an experience open to the city of Barcelona. This agreement exceeds any agreement in economic data that Barra has on his shirt and is the best sponsorship contract in its entire history”, described Joan Laporta who also recalled the special features of the current situation, covid 19 The effects of the pandemic are still very much present and the war between Russia and Ukraine and who wanted to highlight the sensibility of the multinational with the absurdity of the Barcelona unit.

“I understand there are people who have doubts”

“Spotify joins us in our desire to be a world reference. It’s a global company, it meets all needs and we also appreciate its sensitivity to the way we do and do things. I’m proud of it.” I can announce that Spotify will soon introduce its application. In Catalan, which is the official language of our club and Catalonia,” said the top Barca leader, who also recalled the fragile economic situation he inherited after managing the previous board. did. “The economic situation we inherited was very delicate and we are here to find solutions. I understand there are people who have doubts, we have explained everything we could. We are not talking about such a company. What we don’t know, practically all of us have Spotify on our mobiles, I’m asking not for an act of faith, but a reactionary act in front of a great coalition”, he reassured before voting Gave.

The agreement, which includes benefits for partners when contracting the platform and holding concerts in the stadium, could also mean that the Spotify logo on the shirt will be replaced by other statements throughout the season. Yes, with specifics. “Our idea is not to change the front, although there can be an exception at any time for the launch. UEFA allows two changes and the league, three, but it will always be by mutual consent. I do not know whether it is from ‘ Motomami will be rosal, because it’s for next year, but we really like Rosella and we want to congratulate her from here. I don’t know whether he is a member or not, but I do know that he has expressed his sympathy for the club,” the chairman said after a question from a representative.

‘Parallels with UNICEF’

The alliance with Spotify can, in addition, be expanded, as explained. Such as, for example, the jerseys of the sections, although the contract with Astíncia Sanitria sponsoring professional teams does not expire until the following year. In addition, new income is being sought through the backs of men’s and women’s first teams’ training jerseys and through the sleeves of sports jerseys. One aspect in which President Joan Laporta hopes to deliver the good news as soon as this campaign ends. “We have offers and are working to get more sponsorships. Above all, I think we’ll be able to offer the manga on June 30,” he said.

“The agreement with Spotify is the best in the club’s history and is very important to address the delicate economic situation we have. We want to put Barra once again in the first line of the world and this is a strategic alliance. Very proud of it.” It connects us to music and culture and I see many similarities with the one signed with UNICEF, as it introduces us to the world and makes us global. The agreement is similar in some terms, UNICEF other meanings, although now it is Spotify that pays and not the other way around. Spotify has understood that we are ‘more than a club'”, he sentenced.

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