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Barcelona are already preparing for their transfer to Montjuc for the 2023–24 season. LaLiga Santander 2021

Barcelona are already preparing for their transfer to Montjuc for the 2023–24 season.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Santander League 2021 – 2022

The Barca club, due to increased material costs caused by the war in Ukraine, will not break the Camp Nou’s third stand until the summer of 2023, which coincides with its move to the Olympic Stadium.

Camp Nou stands.LLUS GenAFP

“We will have the best stadium in the world, in the best city in the world, and in the best country in the world.” Joan LaportaProudly puffed up and adjusting his jacket, appeared with the mayor ada colau Barcelona City Council to celebrate the awarding of the license (which cost six million euros) which will allow the Barca club to finally start work on the Espai Barra next June. A project of cursed origins, reformulated countless times since the former president josep lus nezu The war with the residents of the neighborhood of Les Corts for the so-called ‘Barra 2000’, and this would eventually be done after being approved by the members of Bara in the funding of the referendum for a maximum of 1,500 million euros, despite the fact that the deal with investors -The transaction is yet to be resolved.

For now, the bridge will be able to start work thanks to the 180 million euros loan provided by Barcelona Goldman Sachs, And it will begin, once this season is over, with work on the first and second stands of Camp Nou in the technical area, and outdoor development around the stadium. An additional structure will be demolished from the south target, where the medical center was located. Waterproofing and anti-carbonation work will also be carried out at the stand, as well as improvements and refurbishments to broadcast systems, a new internal telecommunications registration room will be created.

Although the action that will most affect members next year, the demolition of the Third Stand will not be carried out until June 2024. “Given the war in Ukraine and the impact it has had in terms of the price of material, we have decided to delay it for a prudent criterion. Also because we want to protect the proceeds for the next season, Which will still have a capacity of practically 100% at Camp Nou. All this could increase the completion of work by a quarter, at most two.”, assured the Barca president.


This will happen in June 2023 when Barcelona depart from Camp Nou to move to the Montjuc Olympic Stadium. “The plan is that we play a season 23–24 there”, explained Laporta, who explained: “If the work is delayed, it may be that we will not return to Camp Nou until September 2024”.

The city council, through the town planning councillor, Janet Sanju, did not want to report the cost that the Barca club would have to pay for the stadium rent. Barcelona and the City Council are, in any case, already working on optimizing a space that has potential 60,000 people, “We will then continue with a plan so that customers can take advantage of the leave of absence, but we will also optimize capacity. Montjuc is well on its way out and we think we can manage this well with our partners and customers.” Will be able to,” Laporta promised.

During the 2025–25 season, it is planned to be able to combine the tasks at Camp Nou with the development of sporting exercises. Yes, it will have a capacity of about 50%. The works should be completed during the 2025–26 season, even with the potential that, according to the president of Barcelona, ​​”will not be 100%, but more than 50%”.

Laporta stressed that the credit, to be paid over 35 years with the first five grace periods for Espai Bara, would be repaid with additional income provided by the project. Barca club officials expect to receive an additional 200 million euros per year thanks to the new arena.

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