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Barcelona activate third lever for 100 million to register signings: “We use them to save the club”

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Joan Laporta revealed in Counde’s presentation that the club sold 25% of Barca’s studios to the social.com platform in exchange for that amount.

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Joan Laporta He is absolutely convinced that the homework has already been done. As stated by the President of Barca in the official presentation of Jules Condé, the Barca unit is now in a position to register all the signatures except for the French central defender, Casey, Christensen, Dembele, Rafinha and. Lewandowski, as well as the renewed Sergi Roberto. 25% off sales Barca Studios for the stage partners.com, in exchange for 100 million euros, would make this possible, without the need to close any millionaire sales. Or, at least, that’s what Barcelona’s max leaders interpret.

“We’re all required to be able to register them. We’ve made some operations that allow us to comply with the rules and I hope they won’t stop us from registering, that what we interpret is the same as the league and if not, we’ll talk about it Will do and fix it”, assured the president. “We have closed two sales related to television rights along Sixth Street, and we have also agreed to sell 25% of Barca Studios. €100 million One partners.com, If we combine these operations, we understand that we are doing our homework and we are going to be able to register players”, he explained. With regard to the terms, the sale will be certain in this case. “Barca Studios include Metaverse, NFTs and Tokens from Barca. This is a sale of shares, in principle forever. according to and how we can get it backBut for us it means the entry of a new business partner,” said one Laporta, who also sent a dart to those who have questioned the club’s ability to maneuver.

“Our feeling is that we are working, with maximum difficulty. activate the lever It has not been easy to interpret the rules of fair play It has complexity, and, moreover, we have found that the clubs we competed with took advantage of this to make statements about us. I am not talking about other clubs, I am talking about Barca. If they want to keep talking, let them talk. We move on”, sent the sentence to the Barca president, who hopes that the figure will not have to be resorted to again in the future, although he does not rule it out either. no need to spend money, they are very complex, you have to know a lot to activate them, many factors affect and hopefully they will never need to be resorted to again. We did this to save the club, to be able to add and register new players. If a new one is needed, we will consider it, but with everything we have done, we are confident that we will be able to register players.” Yes, there may be more news before the market closes .

“Now, they are working at the beginning. It is not all easy, but I am sure we will achieve the target. bring in players Christensen, Casey, Rafinha, Lewandowski and Kaunde’s orbit is to be satisfied, but we shall see, the summer is long, it ends on August 31st. The first thing is the registration, which has to be closed before the 13th and then we will see what happens. Chances are there will be a few more operations”, slipped the chairman. Will go , Work is being done to find the best possible path. Some will be in the form of loans, others, transferred and others, with a termination agreement, because the desire is to reduce the wage bill,” said the director of Barca football, Matu Germany,

Get places among all the arrivals that have arrived Team will not be easy, But that, of course, isn’t something that frightens her. Jules Conde, “There’s a lot of competition and that’s good for the team, because there will be a lot of games this season. If I start or not, the coach will decide. What I want is to grow, because I’m still young, the team.” Help and learn from my teammates all the time. For me, it’s a challenge”, assured the centre-back, who has signed a contract with Barca until June 30, 2027 and will have a €1,000 million termination clause . “I had another opportunity in this market and the effort was to wait for Barca to reach an agreement with Sevilla. When it was possible, it was not so much. I chose this club for its project And because I wanted to come here,” said the Frenchman, who also promised to take a step that has always been considered very important in the atmosphere of Barcelona to ensure maximum integration into the club. “I try my hardest and perhaps Going to do it in a few months I can speak Catalan”, he revealed.

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