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Australian Open: The controversial interview with Djokovic while infected: “Don’t ask about the vaccine”

Australian Open: The controversial interview with Djokovic while infected:

In the meeting with ‘L’quipe’, which took place when Djokovic was positive for Covid, the Serb’s press officer warned the journalist not to question him on the subject.

Djokovic, training this Wednesday in Melbourne.WILLIAM WESTAFP

Time seems to play in favor of Novak DjokovicBut the evidence is piling up against him. The fact that the draw for the Australian Open draw is in the early hours of Thursday in Spain should not condition the decision of Alex hawke, the Australian Immigration Minister, who was going to rule last Tuesday on his possible deportation, but postponed the ruling upon receiving new documentation from the tennis player’s team of lawyers.

Should he enter the draw and be later expelled from the country, the nine-time tournament champion could be replaced by a lucky looser, one of the players from the previous phase who would have fallen by the wayside.

Such has been the succession of inaccuracies or lies in which the number 1 in the world has fallen that even the prime minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, commented, in an interview with the BBC, that his public appearance in Belgrade after learning that he had tested positive for coronavirus could be a clear breach of the rules. These demonstrations represent a change of position between the political authorities, since they take place after last day 6, when the border forces revoked his visa, alexsandar vucic, president of the country, charged against Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, speaking of political hunting against the tennis player, in the heat of the feverish state of opinion in Serbia in favor of Djokovic.

nole not only would he have violated the isolation rules in his country of origin, but he also committed a falsehood when completing the entry form to Australia and there are doubts about the date of the positive for Covid, the basis on which he sustained to achieve exemption doctor that would allow him to play the tournament. The positive would have occurred on December 16, but Der sppiegel Y The New York Times published that, in principle, when scanning the QR of the report, a negative result appeared. This would have changed later, with only the positive appearing.

Explanations on Instagram

After only one day of the controversial test, Djokovic was seen in Belgrade, without a mask, at an award ceremony with young people. Aware that the rope is tightening around him, the tennis player, who was finally allowed to enter Australia after a court ruling, explained on his Instagram account. I was asymptomatic and feeling fine and did not receive notification of my positive PCR test until after that event.

I did know that he had contracted the disease a day later, when he gave an interview to the newspaper l’quipe. I felt compelled to attend the interview with l’quipe so as not to let the journalist down, but I kept a social distance and a mask all the time, except during the photographs. Returning home I isolated myself and reflected. I made an error in judgment and I admit that I had to postpone the appointment.

The French newspaper confirmed that it was. The author of the interview Frank Ramella, had been warned by the player’s press officer not to question him about the vaccination, so he decided not to question him about whether he had considered taking a test either. This Wednesday, the International Association of Tennis Journalists valued what happened as extremely worrying. As journalists, we are very careful to respect all the rules in relation to Covid-19 and we expect all players to do the same, said Simon Chambers, its vice president.

Djokovic also tried to explain the mistake by marking no on the Australian entry form when asked if he had visited any other countries in the last 14 days. My agent sincerely apologizes for the clerical error in choosing the wrong box. It was human error and certainly not deliberate, he wrote regarding the document released by the federal court. The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles spent Christmas Eve in Belgrade to travel days later to Marbella, where he bid farewell to the year and they entered until the 4th, before embarking on the journey to Australia.

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