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Atletico stopped the interesting work and sealed their ticket to the Champions League at Elche. LaLiga Santander 2021

Atletico stopped the interesting work and sealed their ticket to the Champions League at Elche.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Cunha and de Paul sign the victory on a night where, despite the defeat, the local team knew its permanence in the First Division. This is Rogiblanco’s tenth consecutive classification for the Champions League.

De Paul celebrates his goal against Elche.Manuel LorenzoEFE
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Atletico didn’t want to add any more doses of mystery to their fortunes. Last night he decided he had already lived through enough plays and it was better to conclude as soon as possible. They defeated Elche, who knew they had survived the defeat at halftime, thanks to blows from Cunha and Griezmann (0-2), and everyone was overjoyed. With his tenth consecutive qualification for the Champions League in his pocket, he finished third in the general standings. Nightmares and winter headaches are just food for thought.

Minutes after Martínez Valero entered the dressing room, Elche players had good news: they had mathematically survived. Hundreds of kilometers from there, tables were signed in Sánchez-Pizzon, Sevilla and Mallorca and, in addition to making the Elche team’s permanentness in the First Division official, ensured the next day, in front of their public, Atlético. opened the doors. , third place of the championship. Although Simeon did not care about all this. There was nothing more going on than winning and tying the knot for the long-awaited ticket to the Champions League, as it will finally be.

Atlético had landed on the grass of Elche with its red uniform and its (almost) lifelike shield. He was convinced that there was no reason to prolong doubts. That there was no better setting than the Alicante Stadium, where they shed their blood for the league title last year to resolve their pending issues. The night seemed calm and quiet, but after five minutes, the Rosiblancos dealt the first blow to themselves. Playing his 100th game and becoming one of the team’s stalwarts, Vrsaljko reached his thigh and had to retire with an injury. Without Lorente, suspended, and without confidence in Vaas, the Winter signing was destined for that situation, Simeone opted to turn the system around and bet on Lodi. It took them some time to adjust.

He did it while Elche was squeezing out of a set piece. team strength franciscowith tower lucas boy As a threat, and one of the weaknesses in this erratic season of the rojiblanco team. I didn’t want to be distracted jan oblaky, who came to face Lodi, probably because of an oversight in one of those works in his area. Then, condogbia He kept swiping balls down the spine from his tentacles. They call it an octopus for a reason.

Griezmann’s vision

After half an hour the night opened for Atlético. he thanked it Griezmann He took a few steps back and dressed as a midfielder. did it because I have given, as has been the case several times since the transformation at its peak, he found a way out. He did this mainly because wherewhom only a few win in matters of faith, went after the ball like he would have louis suarez, Nobody big as Nobody Rock They managed to scare the ball. He hadn’t scored in less than three months, since February, but he did what Suarez was used to last year: scoring.

With that goal in place, Atlético felt relief, but not peace of mind. Any lapse could completely change the scenario. And that oblak, which in itself does not allow an inspection, just needs to take off his gloves.

Due to this deferred fixture play resumed with a party at the Martinez Valero stand. And at the dawn of that second act, Biggs saves a subtle touch by Cunha under the sticks, which seemed like the night time before closing. He won’t get there, but it’s game time. Again Griezmann lit up for lack of a target, though with a well-sharp periscope. The French found themselves a meter away from the bigger one, but decided that the best solution, as it turned out, was Paul’s will drop the curtain

And that’s how Atletico’s torment ended with Simeone on the most erratic course. There are still two days left, yes, but they will only be working to fight for third place in what seemed like a utopia in February.

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