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Atlético pulls out a mallet (and hand) to show the heart of the palm in Cadiz. LaLiga Santander 2021

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Rosiblancos won their 11th Ramon de Carranza Trophy after beating 1-4. Morata and Griezmann scored once again. Vas debuts, who played the central role, as Vitsel. And Sal scored controversially.

Griezmann celebrates his goal against Cadiz.roman rossoEFE
  • joao flicks A personal trainer in Ibiza, market silence and “cool head”

Beyond the fact that Atlético lifted their eleventh Ramon de Carranza Trophy, and that it was so convincing, with that punch, the force that allows the imagination to run wild, there were few conclusions that came out of the Nuevo Mirandilla pitch. Were. One of them, the most obvious, is that VAR seems necessary today, despite the debate. a saltResigned to the left he fled in terror the previous summer, a mischievous smile escaped him when the ball crossed the goal, en route to rest. David Gilo, He did it after the header from joao flicks hit him in the hand. The Cádiz players looked at the referee, but since there was no technique, there was no way to correct the apparent disturbance. Life was always like this. And Atletico went to the locker room with some goals in his pocket.

scored the first goal lavro morata, whose last flick as a Rogiblanco was from July 7, 2020. His staging on the Andalusian table collected everything that Simeon had asked for from his 9. Whatever his name. He showed great sense of smell, speed and fighting in defense. Atlético’s aggressive glow emanated from his shoes. a pod I drove him crazy in the round and creek On the way he was forced to throw him down. Although his future in Madrid has always been in doubt, his arguments, at least those he showed in Cadiz, seem to be more than enough.

Simeon was avant-garde in his initial approach. Both for the front trident, with Morata, Joao Flix and Griezmann, and for the rear. Next to Oblak, vitselo, Vaso You Attractive He drew a line of unprotected centres. with reinaldo, servant You GimenezWhat will be visible at the time of the match, the trio, who handled themselves with ease, very much in the exit of the ball, of course, it is difficult to repeat this again during the season, unless things go wrong with injuries or Sanctions. vitselo, by the way, went from central to midfield as if nothing had happened. He is not far from it in terms of tourism in Madrid.

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Atletico beat the CDs without making much noise. Vaso Debut as a red and white scorer with an unlikely shot, a diabolical effect. His right hand is velvet and may be of use to Simeon. You GriezmannThose who assisted Morata saw the door again in the same goal he last scored in the league in November 2021. He did it with a header.

Simeon had time to try as much as he wanted. to observe the young side Sergio Dezu help. Really grubic wise, under some sticks that are private property oblaky, to get back laurente running after landing nahuel molina, which is slowly raising its voice. and, also, at the last minute, conceding the first goal (he scored lavaro gimnez) in a precision that becomes unpolluted. Juventus awaits in Tel-Aviv on Sunday. The rojiblancos, after a quiet night against one of their LaLiga rivals, shouldered their eleventh, huge trophy, which still has a long way to go.

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