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Atlético pays for their sins in San Mames and spoils their journey to the Champions League. LaLiga Santander 2021

Atlético pays for their sins in San Mames and spoils their journey to the Champions League.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Hermoso started the scoring with his own goal and Herrera scored a penalty when his team tried to start a comeback. Iyaki Williams was a pain to Simeon’s men (2-0)

Iyaki Williams scored Athletic’s second goal from a penalty.miguel toaEFE
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Atletico’s way to the Champions League is a minefield. Of course, in large part, for his sins. For example, at San Mames, Mario Hermoso scored an unintentional goal and Hector Herrera cut off the response with a penalty, which blurred a night on his way to Europe’s rapid advance. Simeon came back late and the affair culminated in a horror film script, with Icky Williams playing Freddy Krueger (2-0). His rent and his time, which is now pending with Betis, is running out.

For about half an hour Atlético looked like a fugitive with his beard and torn clothes. He was the victim of an athletic debut in cyclone mode. For a long time I was taken aback by what was happening around him. Unable to master the elements. One minute, Hermoso was already pale. It didn’t sound like an excessive entry, but mateu lahozo, who usually keeps his cards well, immediately discarded. In that physical performance, he took out the muscular Iyaki Williams, who was K’s bazooka. marcelineThe one who came on strike of strength and speed, the carrom who scored the first goal. GimenezConvinced, he ended up on the ground in his fight with the striker, and Hermoso, in 10 terrifying minutes, finished oblakyIn his attempt to cut off Iyaki’s shipment to his brother Niko.

Standing roars at the vibrations emitted by his team. Before the impotence of his football players, Simeon twists into the band. It seemed athletic that was risking his skin for that Champions League spot. The matter could have been even more serious, if Post had not spewed another venomous cross from Icky Williams in the face of the passivity of a contemplative and unrecognized defence. or if matu had shown the second yellow reinaldo, which stirred with the referee when he saw that he had been warned. A decision, again, somewhat excessive. The African, moreover, will have a notable absence in defense for the next derby to come. Neither would Hermoso the next day, who lived through a dark first act.

Griezmann’s crossbar

It took Atlético half an hour to weather that storm. Simon touches a key and his computer turns on. Under Herrera’s baton, they began to appear in the Unai Simone area. That painful suffocation went away, too, because it was impossible for Athletic to maintain that rhythm forever. And Carrasco, almost on his way to the locker room, could restore his balance.

Suddenly, after the break, Correa explodes, leaving Reinaldo on the bench. It looked like the athletic short-circuited and Atletico already knew where to start a comeback. Griezmann shook Simon’s crossbar. However, almost immediately, Herrera hit Munion’s ankle on the edge of the field and Matu pointed towards the penalty. It was Iyaki Williams, a tormentor to Simeon’s footballers, who betrayed Oblak, down the center, ending the job with a nonviolent strike that did not turn out to be a panenka.

The entanglement for the visitors was huge. The lights of San Mames went out after the goal. As if it was a prediction of some more misfortune for Atletico. were not there. Beautiful Tena with marker. The mess was depressing and the Rosiblancos (clad in blue last night), just like a year ago, fell again in San Mames. A good mess awaits ahead of them.

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