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Atletico gets trapped and falls into Karanka’s trap. LaLiga Santander 2021

Second-placed Rosiblancos are unable to score against Granada. Cunha drops a ball into the post and Giuliano makes a debut.

The savior heads over the goalkeeper of Grenada.Manuel FernandezAP
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That last breath, with that last breath, is not always enough to capture the prey. Atlético, uncomfortable and dense for most of the afternoon, found the Granada team’s goal impossible to pass, which gave Ettore Karanka a smile on his debut. This is not a new sensation, as it has been the rivals in the lower region that have caused the most damage and the most sleepless. The smell of victory Simone, who, at last, introduced his son Giuliano, with a blow where Which shook the post. And an unbeatable opportunity to tie the Metropolitano Champions League was vacillating with a feeling of being missed. And that Atletico sleeps in second.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was a new boy, only 19 years old, living out his first afternoon as a starter, the first act in Metropolitano passed to him like many others this season. Happen. One on Sunday against Espanyol, without going ahead. But before Rosiblancas’ absence (six in total), Simeone used javier serrano, who has been in the club since the age of seven. The nerves of the premiere weighed heavily on him. The last time I stepped into the Rosiblanco stadium, it was a spectacular five-minute run against Cádiz, which sent me straight with a red card. they were cokeyour mirror, and Paul’s Who is in charge of putting the spinal cord into operation. The child’s participation, devoted to prevention work, will end at the break.

If not, then as expected, the stands remembered everything that happened in the middle of these days. bickering You rubialsAs regards the topic of the Super Cup, the first part would have gone unnoticed in relation to the second place in the league that Atlético is in the fight for. Another decade’s old war cry, another century dusted off: “Corruption in the Union!” In the absence of football, it was necessary to warm up on an April afternoon, however, with no one on the pitch missing, the ticket to the next Champions League could be half-sealed.

It was the debut on the Granada bench atorKaranka, whose madridista past came to light with a resounding opening whistle. Andalusian dropped from the team’s field oblaky With a few distant shots and showed a willingness to stand in Madrid. Despite a timid start, he did not budge. Atletico once again assigned a good portion of their fortunes to stride and dribbling carrasco, This is where some infiltration took place. You GriezmannWith studs on his ankle and blood on his sock, claimed a penalty that neither Gil Manzano nor VAR believed so.

It was more of a first run in Metropolitan. This is the reason why this case required surgical measures at rest. and appeared louis suarezUruguay, with nine similar to the other luisosColombian from Suez, Granada. as well vrsaljkoBecause reinaldo He played with a second yellow fire. Only with that, Atletico pretended it was not a change of face. Griezmann Raised the stand with a shot that seemed uncorked that afternoon. A dose of action that was appreciated, even if everything is a mirage.

Giuliano’s premiere

servantWho is used to walking among stereotypes, sent about jogging miles Which scared Simone. That could have put Atletico in a big mess. The afternoon was not for flourishing or shining. It seemed to be one of those ambushes that the Rosiblancos tasted bitter this season.

Granada threatened to grow among the red and white bushes. The clock ran quickly as the visiting football players dripped from the falls. Atletico was scared until where kiss the post MaximianThat’s when the stand already realized yet another of those final blows that are usually dropped by metropolitans.

But not even the premiere, after all, of giulianoSimeon’s younger son, who showed up in extra time, resolved an uncomfortable (and cold) afternoon for the Rosiblancos, who once again stumbled upon the Granada stone, their executioner in the first round. That they got entangled with another team from the low-lying area. The battle for the Champions League is still far from resolved. At least, he already has four cushion points on Betis. And, things in life, the second sleep.

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