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Atlético choke after a meal in Mallorca | LaLiga Santander 2021

Atlético choke after a meal in Mallorca |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Rosiblancos sign one of their worst games ever and fall after six consecutive wins in the league. Bast with a penalty from Muriqui, Reinaldo shoots down Mafio in the area

Muriqi scored a penalty against Atlético.cladre catiEFE
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It turns out that Mallorca became a sort of boulevard of broken dreams at Atlético, which, as the song says, left its heart (and head) in Madrid. Maybe he did the same in Manchester. After six consecutive victories, Simeon’s footballers were surrounded. The Mallorcans breathed after seven consecutive defeats, for which Javier Aguirre breathed his soul. Neither by merit, nor by football, nor by conviction, did Rosiblancos come close to victory. They were a shadow on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The grayest edition since the February resurgence. His ship stopped at the bottom of Mallorca, the same team that had its darkest streak since Cholo’s arrival in December. An injury that further complicates the fight for the Champions League and undermines optimism for the match against City. However that would be another story.

There will be people who think that the first part could have been skipped. Although Atlético started off with enthusiasm, it didn’t take 10 minutes for the reluctance to catch up with the sun-soaked post-dinner in Mallorca. After digesting on a hard night at the Etihad, Rosiblancos found himself with the ball again. He was possessed, yes. But it conveyed the same sense of danger as the local team, none other. Neither Oblak nor Sergio Rico managed to raise their eyebrows. There were no shots on goal in that first attack, where Simeon’s men left hardly any evidence of their presence, other than some connection between de Paul and Llorente. Nor did Javier Aguirre’s team reach after seven consecutive defeats. The opposite way of his opponent.

At Atlético, Luis Suárez returned to the starting lineup, more than a month and a half after his final time at Pamplona. almost nothing. Carrasco also returned from the start, perhaps in view of Wednesday’s decisive match against Manchester City, once his suspension is completed. But the Rosiblancos were fat all afternoon. Last March, Joao Flix, the league’s best player, watched everything from the bench for an hour. He was largely to blame for what had happened to his team in recent weeks.

It was the home debut of former Atlético coach Javier Aguirre, whose first decision was to shorten the pitch and relocate the local bench. Mallorca didn’t scare anyone, except a few sparks from Muriki and a few splashes from Kang-in.

For that, Simeon lets Cunha and Lemar enter, to change the tone of the afternoon. Griezmann and Coke’s heads seemed to be elsewhere. They may still think that they were tongue-tied about the Etihad. But, at least physically, they were in Majorca. Olivan dared to shoot first, with a long shot that didn’t catch Oblak by surprise, right after the second half. Atlético took 55 minutes to test Rico for the first time. He did so with a header from Luis Suarez. This was the only gesture from Uruguay throughout the afternoon.

Muriqi frightened the ball to the set pieces, already Joao Flix was on the green. Because complicated matter demands privileged minds and feet. Even more so when Atletico was down on the scoreboard. Reinaldo hit Maffeo’s foot in the area and VAR did not discuss Martínez Munueira’s decision to pass the penalty. Oblak could not answer the shoes of the fat Muriki.

Necessity also failed to sharpen Atlético’s ingenuity, which barely stunned Sergio Rico. The rojiblancos crashed into a forearm of red shirts, assigned for a blunt attack without reconciliation. Cursed under the Balearic sun, almost as dry as his head on the grass. It was enough for Mallorca to rear its head with vigor and pride. The inspiration for Vasco Aguirre is no secret.

For the first time in a 14-day league that promised strong sentiments, Atlético knelt in this way in May. A team that once again remembered that stray group from December to January. Europe also does not function as an alibi.

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