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Atletico caught in Ramiro’s gloves. LaLiga Santander 2022

Real Sociedad 1 – Atletico 1

Real Sociedad’s goalkeeper, arrogant throughout the afternoon, prevented Rosiblancos from winning (1–1), who contested two controversial plays. Morata scored again and Sadiq started as Blue and White.

Ramiro catches a high ball against Griezmann.Xavier EcczaretaEFE
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Ramiro’s gloves were a condemnation of Atletico in San Sebastian. With those mitts on, the Rosiblancos still crashed when the afternoon ended, in a desperate attempt by Joo Flix. The recently arrived Sadiq, who wrote his first chapter in San Sebastian, responded to Morata’s goal. VAR did not appreciate the hand that he experienced before Morata’s disappointed double. Simeon finished higher than the band, the ball reached the boundary which was marked by Ramiro. So, after the frenzy, no one showed their chest at the Riley Arena. There was someone in Nor’s gestures who was so happy. [Narracin y estadsticas: 1-1]

passed lavro morata The quality of being in the right place and at the right time at this dawn of the season. Not many people trusted him by lighting a shield that seemed a thing of the past. But there he is, on his way to the World Cup, with his goals keeping Atlético score. Touching the necessary keys so that Simeon shows a bright smile. In San Sebastian, as in the premiere at Getafe, he pulled out his left foot to cheer the afternoon, which was a priori, threatening. Real Sociedad is not just any rival. But lvaro, in just five minutes, found himself with a spit out of the post, ambushed in a forest of feet, immersed in the beating of the terrain. There Carrasco sent his corner. Morata was again precise and punctual.

There was vertigo and speed in the Real Arena during the first act. And if the scoreboard didn’t thicken before the break it was because neither VAR nor RamiroThe one who flew over the San Sebastian sky to scare his crosshead (almost) shot with the right arrow GimenezThey wanted it to be so. Morata was already celebrating his double with his left foot half an hour later, when they lowered him from the VOR room down a cloud. joao flicks He had put the ball down with his hand in the previous game. But the Spanish striker, without looking at the door for two days, once again gave off the smell of poison that his coach loves.

Sadiq celebrates his goal against Atlético.Xavier EcczaretaEFE

Like we said, there was dizziness. excess. And a fair share of the blame was a carefree young man, only 18, with the name of a great boxer. Muhammad-Ali ChoJust Cho in his shirt, red and white defense was a pain to the fore, which once again came off, as if he had been there his whole life Axel Witzel, Cho’s stampede drove Jiménez insane and spoiled the momentum of a Real, who ran into Post and Oblak, until the break. The same duel, already in the second act, will be won by Cho to the glory of the recently arrived Sadiq, who is already growing passion in San Sebastian. VAR did not see contact with his hand in the shot. After winning against your back, with your cumbersome bandage over your head reinaldo, the Riley Arena opened for the first time. march of IsaacWith lakhs (70) of rain, there has been no shock.

Griezmann’s Another Half Hour

From the band he waited for his moment again Antoine Griezmann, whose life, and especially the clauses of his contract, have turned into a half-hour resource for Simeon, who has no problem talking openly about it. This has been happening since the beginning of the league, thus again in the San Sebastian that saw him born 13 years ago. His admission helped promote Atlético, which would still have some bad times. Like when he saw Sadiq outrun Oblak again in the field. It was offside. At the same time, the Slovenian goalkeeper was injured after a hard fight with Reinaldo. grubic they premiere

had a legal position belt, which Joao Flix illuminates with one of those elegant necklaces he usually gives. It was one of the few things that came out of the Portuguese. But the Argentine gunpowder, recently off the bench, was still cold and Ramiro got the ball. Another thing was what happened when the clock ran out and Joao’s blow threw him. There was a goal from Atlético, which was not because Soto Grande refused to law the advantage. The rojiblancos left their heads spinning, especially spinning those endless Ramiro gloves.

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