Home Sport Athletic insists on inventing another script in Arabia and depresses Atlético

Athletic insists on inventing another script in Arabia and depresses Atlético

Athletic insists on inventing another script in Arabia and depresses Atlético

The Basque team responded to Madrid’s goal with two blows from Yeray and Nico Williams (1-2) and defended last year’s crown against Real Madrid.

Nico Williams celebrates his decisive goal against Atltico.Julius MuozEFE
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Although at times it seemed like it would take a thousand and one nights to find the runner-up, it only took one. In reality, a few minutes of inspiration from Athletic and drowsiness from Atlético were enough. When those of Diego Pablo Simeon They thought they saw each other in the last episode of the Super Cup, they discovered that they had to pack their bags back to Madrid. There will be no Madrid derby in Riyadh because the champion, who was not bluffing, undressed an applicant who is still in need of a couch. That’s why they will be those of Marcellin those who fight for the title against Real Madrid.

To realize that the second semifinal would have nothing to do with the previous night’s classic, it was enough to take a look at the stands. To a stadium, King Fahd, which seemed immense. With the public, including a committed red-and-white supporter, milling around one of the sides. With several huge canvases covering the two bottoms where thousands of souls raved on Wednesday night. But, also, less than a quarter of an hour on the grass was enough. The tactical duel between Simeone and Marcelino lowered the adrenaline of a Saudi public eager to shout a goal. It is true that he did it when only a few seconds had passed, but joao flix, who entered the game with bro, was offside. In the mood of the Portuguese, to whom his coach had thrown down the gauntlet the day before, he was winning the back of Athletic’s rocky defense. The task was not easy either for him or for strap, gathered at the top in search of the first final of the year.

But Athletic, which despite being the current champion seemed not to be invited to the Saudi show, as if people only had eyes for the other three teams, showed their claws unapologetically. In fact, the best occasion in the first act was Iaki Williams, who sped into the area, but ended up running into Jan Oblak. It was Muniain who puts the imagination. They were all those who turned the exit of the ball from their rival into a permanent anguish. The suffocating pressure often managed to short-circuit Atltico. A Basque team with a firm leg that never had in their plans to leave Saudi Arabia early.

Simeone surprised the Riad with Vrsaljko as center. The resource was not new. I already used it successfully in Porto, when Atlético was risking its life. Only that night, with savic Y Gimnez injured, it was the only option left to him. I ended up with a broken face and tears of pain. A gesture of sacrifice, apart from the performance, of course, which his coach always values ​​especially. This time the Croatian, signed in 2016 as a right back, left Philip. And the bet stood firm, even when Llorente, with physical problems, stayed in the locker room after the break.

The decisive set pieces

He may well have turned the chess game around Yannick Carrasco, when at the equator he began to fly down the flank. Despite avoiding an entire minefield, things did not get any worse. The Belgian had to change sides to minimize Llorente’s absence, while Lodi stayed with the other. Before the technical tie (and the scoreboard) Simeone did not take long to touch another switch. changed the lungs Kondogbia by the scalpel Paul’s. Athletic kept biting, convinced that his spirit, as it was, would end up giving him joy.

The stars suddenly seemed to align with the Atlantic. First with a corner kick where joao flix he rose majestically to connect a header that seemed definitive. But he had to hit the post and Unai Simón’s back. And almost as a reflex action of Athletic, with one of those miracles that seemed to have been banished from Oblak’s gloves.

Atltico thought that everything was done. That with Oblak anointed again, it would be enough to reach the final. But he found himself face to face with Athletic, with the champion, who was not visiting Saudi Arabia, hitting him with a set piece in the heart and soul.

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