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Athlete Danny Ars Pausing to Take Care of His Mother: “I Don’t Know If I Take Care of Her”

At 30, the time has come for someone who is “always spoiled.” She is looking for her first medal in the 3,000 hurdles this Thursday. He does this after returning to his family home in Burgos to care for his mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Dani Ars at the Tokyo Games.EFE
  • medal Mario García Romo already has his own medal: bronze in the European’s 1,500m

“Before I wasn’t ready. It’s like, I wasn’t. I had trained very well, maybe I was in good shape, but when I competed I always screwed up. I didn’t know that How to control my nerves. I remember that in the 2017 Spanish Championship, in Barcelona, ​​I came to the World Cup in London with a minimum, I had to go to the top three and I sank, I finished last Maybe if I had worked with a professional, things would have been better for me earlier. But I didn’t and I needed more time to get there”, recognize Dani MapleHonest about your weird progress.

He was in a Junior European as a teenager and then did not make his national team debut until recently, in 2018, when he was already 26 years old. He hasn’t missed an appointment since then, but this season really belongs to him: at age 30 he was ninth in the 3,000 hurdles at the World Championships in Eugene—the first European—and this Friday at the European Championships in Munich ( 9:00 p.m., teledeporte) He is one of the favorites for the medal. Next to him, two other Spaniards, cebas martos You Victor Ruizoan army of Italians and other candidates such as the French Jalali Bedrani.

He is a late athlete, although his biography is marked by another fact: his mother’s illness. pillarDiagnosis of multiple sclerosis. From Burgos, being in his twenties, he moved to Leon to train in the group of coach José Enrique Villacorta, including Martos, but returned to the family home as soon as he was diagnosed with the disease. “And I’m still there, I live with my mother, I want to be close to her to help in any way I can. I feel very comfortable. I don’t know if I care for her or that she cares.” does me,” explains Ars, who has trained with his entire family in recent weeks.

Returning from the World Cup in Eugene, the obstacle courser discovered that none of his classmates were on the slopes of the University of Burgos, that they had all gone on vacation and that so that he would not be alone, the tartan was filled with uncles, cousins. With… even his mother was in a wheelchair with him.

“It was a huge motivational shot. I’m very familiar. In fact, my sister has come to Munich for my final and it really shocks me. My mother hasn’t been able to come because it’s too difficult for her to travel, we The whole family has to be mobilized, but I’ll keep that in mind,” says Ars, who values ​​her time doubly, thanks to the close bond she has with her people.

Last Christmas, for example, I focused on the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center (CAR) and in Kenya: a distant one that was a pain, a distant one that is now an encouragement. “It’s very difficult for me not to be with my family, but it also gives me strength: now I know that before the European Championships I did everything I could to be ready,” the handicap told EL Mundo. Explained in a telephone conversation with.

The London Games from the Park

A child footballer like so many others, like almost everyone else, he was a central defender for Burgos until he opted for athletics, for the odds, a trait that fit perfectly with his height, 1.90 meter. For years he stood just a step away from the elite, behind an explosion of compatriots like ferdinand caroBut now their time has come. Such a fan of the Games that in 2012 he went to London to see if he could get a ticket and ended up watching the final on his mobile sitting on a bench in Hyde Park, his Olympic debut in Tokyo as a gift. This Friday he wants more. Being now is not enough: you have to get on the podium.

“The truth is, I feel great, I feel great, it’s my moment or so I feel. Anything can happen, of course, I can finish last, but I find myself I see winning, I’m not afraid of anyone. This European is a dream I’ve had for a long time”, concluded Ars, who turned, confident, matured at age 30, concluding: “I I feel this final as the culmination of my career. It’s a golden opportunity and I have to take advantage of it. If I don’t, I don’t do it, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. It’s already there, is now.”

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