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Arbitration will be like this in Spain this season: neither “grey hand” nor “fine” and up to 15 minutes added

Klos Gummez announced that “80% of the first and second matches will have specific video aids to promote greater efficiency.”

Luis Medina during a press conference in Cantalejo, Las Rojas.Juan Carlos HidalgoEFE

Chairman of the Technical Referees Committee (CTA) of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Medina CantalejoPresented the main innovations regarding arbitration in Spain for the next session. And he highlighted the “extraordinary act” he had done to avoid “fine” and “grey hand”.,

“The criteria at hand have not changed, it remains at the discretion and interpretation of the referee, but In a gray action, hand-contact without consequence or actual effect on play, the instruction is not to punish“The President of the CTA explained. “We will try in every way to reduce the number of penalties for those who are“ gray hands that cause frustration and do not refuse anyone, ”explained the former referee.

with Cantalejo Alberto Andriano Malenko You Carlos Clos Gomez, director of the “VAR Project”, who explained the criterion of maximum punishment: “The punishment must be abstract, there must be clear and clear removal, you do not need to call anything”. ,We don’t want any fake or exaggerated players to getadded Klos Gummez, although he clarified that “VAR will call or recommend a review when contacted if the contact may not be sufficient to indicate a penalty”.

“There must be contact in football”

Meanwhile, Cantalejo insisted on reducing these “light contacts” or “small punishments”:There is and should be contact in football“. On the other hand, the rule of game jurisdiction does not vary, although the interpretation of so-called “deliberate play” has changed when it comes to establishing which play is capable or not, depending on That the defender plays the ball in a “controlled” or “forced” manner.

Furthermore, Klos Gamez added that “this year, 80% of the first and second matches will be made by exclusive video assistants dedicated specifically to promoting greater “uniformity” and “speed”.“In decision making. One of the “objectives of the arbitrators,” as Cantalejo called them, would be “player safety“, as “They are a team’s most valuable asset,

,You have to differentiate well between simple fouls, yellow cards and takedownsOne of the pending issues, since last year we missed the very tough action even with the player’s injury” the top referee’s leader admitted. Similarly, Cantalejo also warned about losing time: “We want to extend the effective playing time, although we have already increased it to 32 minutesThat’s why we’ve asked the referees to talk less with the players on each game.”This season we can get up to 15 minutes of extra time”, continued the chairman of the CTA.

“A Fair Game Protocol”

For his part, Undiano Mallenco asked coaches, players and technical bodies for “good behavior” on the field: “We understand the tension and nerves of the game, and we try to be as empathetic as possible.But there are situations that are unacceptable. “The referee should act calmly” Malenko said, while Cantalejo took the opportunity to announce.fair play protocol“Oriented to the projection of objects to the field and other conflicts.

“We’re going to try to make things clear, to make everything easy, but it’s clear that every Monday there’s going to be a brawl,” Cantalejo summed up, “because that’s part of the stupidity of football and the day Football is over.”

Beyond the news in the mediation, Medina Cantalejo also had a moment to ask “Minimum institutional respect for the arbitral establishment After a complicated year after the pandemic, with multiple attacks at home”.

Thus, the Spanish came to the rescue of the coordinator of the referee. louis rubialesPresident of RFEF: “It’s not possible to work when the RFEF President’s figure is constantly at stakeFor sporting and personal reasons and we have tried in every way to do a good job for him as well.”

“He makes our job easier, he doesn’t get involved in our tasks, and he lets us do things freely,” concluded Cantalejo, who confirmed that “the Spanish referee is under his presidency. are together.”

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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