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Anu’s third return: a year and a half of torture for Barcelona’s “special” footballer LaLiga Santander 2021

Anu's third return: a year and a half of torture for Barcelona's "special" footballer  LaLiga Santander 2021

Xavi plans to give the striker a minute against Mallorca this Sunday. He has already missed 82 matches with the first team due to injury.

During training, at the centera garkaEFE

There always comes a moment when a person, no matter how famous he is, no matter how abundant his qualities or his magical influence, disappears from view. Popularity requires focus and brightness.

anu fati (Guinea-Bissau, 2002), Wonder Child, youth star whom Barcelona condemned to premature glory, offered her shirt ten Like Leo Messi, he has had to learn to manage that media exile. The emotional exile that every elite football player goes through when they can’t do their job. Anu, who is training now and smiling like never before, has had to learn to live in fear of her own body for the past year and a half. To hear as many diagnoses as magic recovery formulas. Also retreat to the operating room and go to the doctor secretly ramen cugato, from whom he never stopped asking about inquiries from experienced traumatologists. This Sunday, against Mallorca, the striker will make his third return as a professional after missing 82 games due to injury. Too much suffering has just begun for someone.

On November 7, 2020, Anu had to undergo four surgeries after she ruptured the meniscus in her left knee in a match against Betis. Didn’t want to remove the cugat. He says that the meniscus was sewn up well, but that the recovery work, too fast, too intense, was not enough to prevent a relapse. Jose Carlos NoronhaPortuguese national team doctor and Cristiano Ronaldo agent recommended George MendesIt was necessary to settle the matter.

After 11 months, and on a glorious day against Levante, where he was lifted into the sky by his teammates, Anu thought he had recovered on September 26, 2021. He needed ten minutes to score. On November 6, 2021, the femoral biceps of the left thigh was broken. No one talked about the tendon being affected, so he returned two months later to play 54 minutes in the Riyadh Super Cup semi-final. It took 17 minutes to score against Real Madrid. in elimination drink In San Mames, the boy only lasted 35 minutes longer. It didn’t tear the muscle, but the tendon that was neglected.

‘No’ to operating room

record prune, responsible for Barcelona’s medical services, was clear that operating on him was the best option. Not only in order to guarantee a complete recovery and limit a relapse (according to experts, the risk is about 30%), but also because the sick time will barely vary another month. It was also decided that he would be the Finnish specialist. Lasse Lampaigne Who will be in charge of repairing the biceps femoris tendon on his left leg. But Anu no longer wanted to know anything about scalpels. He found the necessary support in his family, also in Mendes, and decided to take things up, move to Madrid, and that the eminent physiotherapist. joaquin juan (take care of your day pau gasoli) directed a conservative treatment in which stem cells were reintroduced.

Anu has been training in Barcelona for a month. their instructor, xavi hernandez, who again longs to see how he expresses his “good star” as a footballer, on the eve of his re-opening against Mallorca, admitted that he was already looking for speed before his exams. was reaching the summit. “We take great care of him so that doesn’t happen again,” the coach insisted. Despite being aware that rumor mongers are marketed in offices, a “special” footballer remains in his dressing room. different from the rest. And that he does not give up.

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