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Antonio Banderas’ pride in sailing

Actor’s brother Javier dominates the BMW ORC 2 class at the 40 Copa del Rey Mapfre

‘Teatro Soho Caxabank’ owned by Javier Banderas during Tuesday’s session.mara muiaKing Mapfrey Cup
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  • history Palma: 40 years under sail under the spell of the Copa del Rey

At the Bravo Regatta Course, where the four ORC fleet 40 Mapfre King CupsIt is no longer surprising to see Theater-Soho Caixabank Getting closer to the finish line in the first position. Four races disputed and four victories for a boat of the same class BMW Orc 2Lost only half a point after a surprise tie in the first duel of the first day.

four consecutive happiness Emilio Aragon You Antonio Banderaswho promote their latest project on the sails of that boat these days, God spellBroadway musical from the 70s set to premiere in Málaga.

Above is an explanation: Antonio Banderas is one of the sponsors of Design Boat Soho Theaterwho owns Xavier Banderas, brother of the Spanish actor. Of course, in the waters of the Gulf of Palma, the last name is more Javier than Banderas Antonio.

The youngest of the Banderas brothers is a prolific shipowner and navigator in the history of the Copa del Rey Mapfrey. Five titles in its category (2021, 2018, 2017, 2010 and 2009) and two outright wins (2021 and 2017).

Only the first two days of the 40th edition of the Great Mediterranean Regatta have been held, but the lessons of speed and strategy that are Soho Caixabank Theater It is already listed as one of the favorites among the 109 participating yachts in the event of an absolute victory in 2022.

With the heat of the two races on Tuesday embat some of 14 knots Sharply, Banderas sailboat prevailed in both real time and compensation time, with two new partial victories with which it strengthened its lead: a five-point advantage. Katharina II and at 8.5 Rivereno Gelato – Elena NovaThe other two Hans 42 Cs in the class.

There is no secret in Javier Banderas’ formula for success: a fast and competitive boat like swan 42 And manage to put together a crew. On board, Spanish sailing legends such as Sunday Manrique or, above all, Louis Dorste, Both sailors these days celebrate the 30th anniversary of the gold in sailing in the Flying Dutchman class which they achieved in Barcelona 92, And they’re celebrating it on a regatta course, continuing to grow their legends by eating miles together. The passing of decades in a sport like sailing matters little, as long as there is talent to waste.

“The truth is that Louis covers the shortcomings of many of usBut everyone cooperates on board and so many years of sailing together pays off” Javier Banderas admitted of his strategy.

‘AIFOS 500’ without King Felipe

you have to go to class BMW Orc 3 To find another ship, skugniza Enzo de Blasio, who has made a complete partial win after the first two days. in this class, Spanish is the best MagicianThird, 11 points behind the leader.

regarding class BMW Orc 1The HM Hospital of Carles Rodriguez After a victory in the second round they managed to retain first place in the classification, thus recovering from the seventh place achieved in the first. lurks at three points Star of Luis Martinez Dorste already four, Palibex of crooked picchu, There is a fierce battle going on between these three crew.

for his part, year 500 Haven’t had a good day. with the absence of Philip VIThe naval ship signed two irregular partials—the fifth and sixth—with which it fell from second to fifth in the classification, placing itself 8 points behind the leader of ORC 1.

In the absence of a day to complete the previous series of competition, the rest of the classes are the leader. Mestral Fast ,BMW Orc 4), Were farstar ,club swan 36), Were A group ,club swan 50), Were Chore-Spirit of Nerina ,ClubSwan 42) for its part, the first day for the J80 and J70 ended with Balearia of mara bower ,Majorca Sotheby’s Women’s Cup) And this Let it be of john baldo ,Herbalife J70) at the top of their respective rankings.

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