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Another trap from Aguirre to Simeone, another trip from Mallorca and a controversial punishment: “Reinaldo told me it wasn’t”. LaLiga Santander 2021

Another trap from Aguirre to Simeone, another trip from Mallorca and a controversial punishment: "Reinaldo told me it wasn't".  LaLiga Santander 2021

After six consecutive victories, Atlético suffered their first defeat in the league since 16 February. “Nothing came of it for us,” lamented Jan Oblak.

Martínez Munueira points for a penalty from Reynaldo.scar
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As much as he rolled his face, Diego Pablo simone Couldn’t find the solution to his colleague Xavier’s riddle aguirre, This is not the first time. At his first Atlético league debut with Cholo, in October 2013, a Mexican coach interrupted the march of a team that would become champions on the final day on the Camp Nou pitch. Aguirre, who, after an 11-year absence, managed to recover the Champions League anthem at Vicente Calderon, also scored a point from Metropolitano during his time with Leganes. In Mallorca, the rojiblancos took a knee after an unblemished streak of six consecutive wins. After a penalty that slows their way to the next Champions League. The slump in front of dreaming of a comeback against Manchester City.

“We didn’t play a good game against an opponent who was too close behind. The opponent was convenient to us and we didn’t know how to find the answer,” Simone admitted minutes after tasting defeat. league again. It’s been almost two months since that shameful stumbling block I pickedOn February 16, I did not experience such an unpleasant texture. He did it again against Mallorca, the team which, at dawn in December, uncovered the biggest crisis of the Simeone era. that goal of kubo In extra time he created a storm of four straight defeats and a thousand and one doubts. Because of that depression, because of that setback at Metropolitano, Atletico are today engulfed in an uphill battle for a place in the next Champions League.

In his first home game in charge of Mallorca, Aguirre set a trap for Simeone which turned out to be fatal. On a grass that was as small as it was, a red and white team lacking ideas during a post-meal conversation turned indigestible. Griezmann You coke, unrecognizable, they went to rest. But none of his teammates A. could not reach the target of sergio rico That, perhaps, he did not remember such a quiet afternoon. The Balearic team, having lost just 11 of their last 13 matches, became an insurmountable wall.

“Etihad Billed Us”

Everything was on after the hit of reinaldo at the feet of sorry, A contact which Martínez Munera (also VAR) considered sufficient to signal a penalty. “It was covered up and if the referee charged it, and VAR didn’t call it, it was a penalty,” Cholo summarized the controversy, visiting the Mallorca Estadi’s press room, as the Balearic venue is now. is called.

jan oblaky He was one of the few to survive the flames. And it’s not like he had too much work, beyond a brilliant hand against a long throw olives, However, despite sensing the direction, he could not respond to the shot. muriki, in the penalty that marked the end of the formidable Rosiblanka streak. The Slovenian goalkeeper lamented, “Reinaldo has also told me that it was not a penalty. He also told the referee that it is never a penalty for me because he takes the ball away from them. This is football, It’s a contact sport.” Second defeat in four days from Manchester to Majorca. “Definitely the game has made an impact at the Etihad. We’re a little tired, heavy… We haven’t played the game we should have and nothing came of it,” Oblak said. Coke’s replacement in rest.

A stumbling block that was not foreseen in the roadmap that Atletico wrote in February was when it began its takeoff. Occasionally, they retrieved the neutered version that sent them into a tailspin between December and January. After the victories of Sevilla and Betis, the fight for a place in the next Champions League today is tougher than last week. And the comeback against Citi, seen arguing on the green, looks almost like a utopia today. But tomorrow is another day.

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