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Another remote-controlled Valencia under pressure: a friend of Peter Lim’s presidency and the help of Jorge Mendes

The maximum shareholder removes the structure based on credible interims to hold the next team together and redirect dynamic social and institutional relationships. Whether or not there is Bordel continuity, the first decision to come from Singapore.

Peter Lim on one of his last visits to Valencia in late 2019.M / s
  • Valencia CF Peter Lim removes Anil Murthy for ‘gaining credibility’

what the future awaits Valencia, only Peter Lim The answer to this question is. It is no longer even with Anil Murthy, the president who put him in charge of the club to end the stage of the greatest sporting fixture ever and which endowed fans and Valencian institutions with excesses, disrespect and infidelity. His dismissal is another patch the businessman has put in place since his arrival in Valencia in 2014, but it does not indicate an immediate change in the sporting, economic and social course that would halt Valencia’s shrinking.

Lim returns to the believers to hand over the government of Valencia to audio of the former president after the earthquake, which the businessman wanted to clarify was the personal opinion of Anil Murthy and not Valencia CF. In the Presidency, in a tentative and testimonial manner, his old classmates would Khojama KalimuddinRetired director of Exxon Oil Company, whom he placed on the board of directors in 2019. He is not expected to make the move to the Mestalla, but he was one of three men in Lim’s environment who were in the last cup final. the other two were his sons kiato and former president lehun-chanWhich is once again in the headlines. It was she who channeled the volatile situation living with Murthy in Singapore and who also worried LaLiga, as was acknowledged yesterday Xavier Thebes, “Personally, I think it was very unstable that this could continue, for Valencia we will see how it is, not on the individual but on resolving the stadium issue. We arbitrate on this issue. are trying to do,” said the LaLiga president, who has already sent delegates to the last meeting with the Generalitat.

It will not be easy to identify a new president who will execute a change of leadership to gain credibility with fans and the community. At least from the Valencian environment. Name of former player and coach voro gonzalez He’s in the pool, but he doesn’t see himself as a spokesman for Meriton, less so when the roadmap isn’t quite clear.

The future of Bordles and the figure of Mendes

Because that’s what sports planning is all about. Lim has entrusted the execution to Sean Baie, a Singaporean diplomat, who put him in charge of the mine, who will now be CEO until further notice. back from Singapore with the future decision of Jose Bordles under the arm. Alicante’s coach has one more year on his contract and a 700,000 euro block Which allows the contract to be broken unilaterally by either party before 30 June. The coach has never intended to execute it, despite his huge differences with the management since January, but being subjected to his demands and boycotts shows that his days may be numbered.

Don’t trust football manager Michelangelo CoronaThe relief will start from the maximum shareholder environment, where the figure of George Mendes, has already been entrusted with the sale of gonalo gedes and participate in market activities Gay and, to a large extent, Carlos Solar, with priority to remove Sileson either maxi gomezThe entire workforce is on showcase covering approximately 70 million sales.

Valencia is strangled. It accumulates losses and necessitates the injection of the largest shareholder to avoid causing dissolution year after year. Without Europe, its revenue falls short and it expects subscription revenue to decline.

new stadium problem

Moreover, clashes with institutions are going to give another blow to the accounts. The club is going to lose the urban benefits offered by the project to replace the stadium as it does not guarantee investment for the new arena in order to comply with the commitments signed between the club and the city council.

80 million CVC They are not enough and institutions have closed their doors for them. Lim tries to open them showing willingness and tempts the signing of an executive capable of redirecting business who will re-evaluate the club’s future sales, the path Valencianism wants him to take.

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