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Anil Murthy’s audio confirms ‘low cost’ Valencia with Solar and Gay sales and criticism of Bordle

Presidential talk revealed by ‘Superdeport’ confirms Peter Lim’s intentions and heats up final league match

Anil Murthy with Jose Bordel in training.CFV

Yes Anil Murthy there was an external analyst who just came Valencia CFNewspaper-revealed conversation super sport They would be an accurate diagnosis of the reality that the club has to pass through after its maximum shareholderPeter Limo, will leave it to her fate in 2020. But Murthy is no stranger to that decision. He was the executor. Before undoing a team that returned to the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, won the Copa del Rey and garnered respect, the president’s call to some agents triggered a controlled explosion of everything. This season is just another step in that plan and again points to the selling of the best players: gedes and captain usually do You Gay,

Audio made public by a Valencian sports newspaper shows an idol, as if it had nothing to do with the club’s management, only finding a way to redirect the battered finances: sell everything possible and strengthen the team. Don’t spend on doing it. And it is that even five years after arriving at a football club’s address, he does not link sporting performance with economic recovery.

Threats to Solr: “If you go out for free in January, I’ll kill you in the press”

The president, in a conversation with his interlocutors, recently spoke about the future that Meriton attracts to Valencia and goes through the sale of players such as Soler and Gay. Both have offers of renewal as their contracts expire in June 2023, but Murthy wants to sell them. What’s more, the midfielder issues a warning if he chooses to hasten his contract and leave for free. “I think Carlos knows from the beginning that he wants to leave. He has a lot of ambition. Carlos is clear that he wants to leave. You have to respect him. Carlos has his relatives and he wants to do well and his mother’s -For dad to be able to go out on the street.” He wants his family to be well,But I tell him to bring an offer for me because If you go out for free in January I’ll hit you with all the press, I put 100,000 euros to kill him, You have to bring money. You grew up in the academy and the club has invested in you,” says Murthy in his conversation.

The gay case finesses it. “He’s a little down, but he’s leading the team to finish the season well. He’s been here for many years. I love this guy, but respect you ambition to play for the national team To go to the champions team. If I tell him I’m not going to sign much next year, he’ll say ‘And what am I doing here? [Jess] For next year Vzquez is going to be on our left,” the president concluded.

But there are plans not only about sales, but also about signatures. For Meriton, the cost of the team could not exceed 70 million euros, with no player receiving more than four million nets as Valencia would start with a cash deficit of 50. “What are we going to do next season? I have to pay the salary. Where will I get 100 million cash? Another loan? Is this a bad idea. So we have to … (sell),” admits the president, who admits he doesn’t know where to get more money and rejects loan options.

Valencia, who knows it doesn’t need to fall in the standings, because “it’s not the same eighth as it is thirteenth” in terms of television rights, nor does it consider the Champions League. “If you want to win in the Champions League you have to spend 200 million,” he says, citing the example Villarreal And this betisThose who haven’t come this season and the only exception is Sevilla “have a very good sports director who sells and buys”.

Bordel mentality

Who will run this ‘low cost’ Valencia is another doubt at the end of this season. Bordles He is out of everything, but he has a one-year contract. Aware of Meriton’s doubts, he expects the club to decide to leave.

The main proponents of Alicante’s signature idol, describe him as a man. “of a very complex nature” Who has been given “everything he wanted”. Still, he didn’t like the mindset of his team in the cup finals. “We entered with the mindset that we are not good enough, that Betis is better. Why don’t we stop the game? The saddest thing is to enter with Valencia, who have the mentality that we are not that good ,” he explained to his teammates, to whom he also pointed out that Meriton does not believe in sports directors and told Gay that Quick Sanchez Flores I wanted to return to Valencia

audio of super sport They are the umpteenth earthquake to have affected Valencia in the last three seasons, but they come at a time of extreme instability and before the last league game in Mestalla. Celtic What could become a vigorous new referendum for Lim’s administration.

Lunch with Valencian Businessmen

The club has responded to this publication with an official statement which maintains that the published conversation “relates to a meal that took place on 27 April in a restaurant with five Valencian businessmen and the VCF Foundation, a solidarity event”. was to promote ‘La Night. Valencia'”. In addition, he assured that they are “edited and adulterated to express a false or biased view in the context of a normal conversation and try to generate controversy”, “with the permission of Anil Murthy, President of Valencia CF”. illegally”.

According to the club, this is a movement that is part of the newspaper’s “smear campaign”, when Valencia rejected the newspaper’s ad proposal and placed legal remedies in the hands of the legal services.

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