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And Barcelona made Leo Messi cry

And Barcelona made Leo Messi cry

The Barça club said goodbye to the best footballer in its history on August 5 and through a three-paragraph statement. In the back room, the club’s financial difficulties, its refusal to CVC and its obsession with the Super League

Leo Messi, the day of his farewell from Barça.J. MONFORTAP

How is the happiness of a footballer measured? Because of their individual exploits? Well Messi he has just won his seventh Ballon d’Or. Because of his financial peace of mind? Well, Messi could pocket about 110 million euros if he meets three seasons with PSG. Because of sporting aspirations? Well, Messi shares a dressing room with a cast of stars unmatched in Europe, with Mbappe Y Neymar as companions to a dream attack. They all aspire to win this Champions League. And with the Argentine national team, he will still have a new opportunity to get closer to mythology maradoniana with the World Cup in Qatar. How do you measure the happiness of a footballer? Perhaps the protagonist of this story himself is still looking for an answer to that.

Messi tries to adapt to his Parisian life although it is difficult for him not to feel like a stranger. Live in a semi-detached house in Paris without the luxuries of someone who finds comfort in excess. He worries that his three children, Thiago, Matthew Y Cyrus, adapt to their new school reality and learn to deal with French. The kids are even starting to look stylish when they run around the house in their PSG jerseys. Although the change was so abrupt that the routines still have an artificial character.

Barcelona announced the end of the Messi era in a three-paragraph statement sent to the media on the afternoon of Thursday, August 5. At 34, after 672 goals and 37 titles as a Barça player (ten Leagues, seven King’s Cups, eight Spanish Super Cups, four Champions Cups, three European Super Cups and three Club World Cups) and being part of the first team for 17 years, a nine-line summer note was enough. “Economic and structural obstacles due to LaLiga regulations”, was the explanation offered by the club before thanking “wholeheartedly” for the player’s contribution.

What i had done Joan Laporta was, simply, communicate to Jorge Messi, the implacable patriarch, that Barcelona was not in a position to sign a renewal whose amounts had already been agreed. The footballer’s father was taken away by the demons when they understood that this obstacle fair play financial was already saved. I also thought so Javier Tebas, president of the employer’s association, who had tried to allow Messi’s continuity on the condition that Barcelona adhere to the global agreement with CVC Capital Partners. Laporta, escorted by Ferran Reverter, CEO of the club, backed out at the last corner. Without the money from the fund, there would be no salary space for Messi.

The seafood platter

The achievement of events produced a lot of bedroom literature. That Thursday, August 5, both Real Madrid and Barcelona had already shown their opposition to the agreement with CVC. Hours later came the refusal to renew Messi. Two days later, on Saturday, Laporta met with the other two survivors of the Superliga, Florentino Pérez Y Andrea Agnelli, owner of Juventus, to taste a seafood platter at the Botafumeiro in Barcelona. Already on Sunday Messi, in what was to be his farewell as a Barcelona footballer – not on the field, but before an impersonal platform – he arrived at the Camp Nou Auditorium without even wanting to shake Laporta’s hand. He barely touched her and denied her gaze.

Messi may have thought that he would bear the emotional impact. Enough things had already lived in his life trajectory. But when he came out on stage and saw his family in the front row, he broke down in tears without consolation. He hadn’t even thought about picking up a handkerchief. His wife had to give it to him, Antonela roccuzzo, sitting next to Joan Laporta and the president’s faithful squire, Rafa Yuste. An invisible wall separated the Messi from the leaders.

“Laporta said it was for LaLiga [que no podía continuar]. We had it all arranged. I lowered my contract by 50%. We agreed and nothing more was asked of me. I did do my best to stay. I am very sad to leave the club that I love at a time when I was not expecting it. I never lied, I went straight ahead and with the truth ahead. Last year I wanted to go, not this one ”, mused the footballer.

And Messi, who was received like a god in Paris, has also seen what it means to leave the circle of emotional security. In France, reference newspapers such as L’Équipe or Le Parisien they have no qualms about suspending their actions when they are not decisive. And PSG, despite being an outstanding leader in the French league, rival of Real Madrid in the second round of the Champions League after the lesson suffered at the Etihad against Guardiola’s Coral City, is not made to enhance the figure of Rosario. It is Messi who must adapt to a group born from individuals and egos, from episodic glories and selective sacrifices. An equation that your technician, Mauricio Pochettino, still have not known how to solve. Meanwhile, Messi tries to know if he is happy like this.

Reference from elmundo