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Ancelotti rounds out Helsinki after overtaking Guardiola: “Winning helps to be motivated”

Florentino praises the Italian coach and his management skills: “he is an important part of success”.

Ancelotti celebrated the title on the pitch.Antonio CalaniAP
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a Carlo Ancelotti He likes to enjoy the pleasures of life. So, of course, he savors all the successes that he has achieved during his career. On a pleasant night in Helsinki, and already with the champion’s medal hanging around the neck, he began involuntarily to sing Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’. Ancelotti, along with the rest of his coaching staff, had come to make a circle of potatoes. To jump a little. To hug anyone who needs it. Although he also had time to move closer to Vinicius, who knows what to remind him, even if it was among Carantos, that his mistake in the second half created an unnecessary fear.

Ancelotti is one of those people who manages the dressing room like few others. His footballers not only avoid him, but also do not separate from him. military You casemiroThe first to his right, the second to his left, sat on the podium with him without joking.

when i went to attend ricardo sierra, a Movistar journalist emphasized her mantra at the start of the season: I think having a good environment can lead to better results. There’s an idea he had already dropped in previews for the final against Eintracht, and it reinforces his idea of ​​emotional balance in a locker room in peace, which has only received two additions on this summer’s market –Antonio Rudiger You orlean tchoumani-, and which I preferred not to be a part of Kian Mappo To upgrade with PSG.

Plus, winning helps keep motivated and hopeful, continued Ancelotti, who will be asked by the media pulpits to win six titles this season. Something that the Italian coach prefers not to think of as someone who has enough to stay calm while sipping drinks.

“We don’t think of anything else”

After Real Madrid’s win against Eintracht, Ancelotti now has four European Super Cups. He got two with Milan (2003 and 2007), in addition to what Madrid took against Sevilla in 2014. thus leaving behind the Italian technician pep guardiolaWhich holds three (two with Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, and another with Bayern in 2013).

After being conceded by Ancelotti, it would be time to refresh the team at the start of the league in Almera the following Sunday after a tribute in Helsinki in the starting eleven of the fourteenth at Saint-Denis, speaking florentino parezzo: Ancelotti knows how to manage this squad well. This is a very important part of success, so we start this season with great enthusiasm. We have a great team. It is the result of a job well done. The position is optimal.

The president of Real Madrid also confirmed that he has no intention of adding more pieces to the team. We are not looking at anything else, declared Florentino, following the line set by the club in terms of the reaction to any setback that Benzema might suffer during the season: if he were slightly constipated. So, we have so many ahead that you won’t even notice, the top white president answered. With 30 titles during his two phases of white government, Florentino is one behind Santiago Bernab.

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