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Ancelotti confirms Casemiro wants to move to Manchester United: “He wants to try a new challenge”. LaLiga Santander 2021

The Italian coach assured that “negotiations are on now, nothing is official and he is still a Madrid player, but it is clear that he wishes to leave”.

Ancelotti confirms Casemiro’s desire to leaveWorld
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It was said in England that his medical examination would be done on this Friday. manchesterbut at 11:15 am and after reaching the first Valdebebas. City of Real Madrid, Carlos Henrique Casemiro There was another in the training of the Merengue group before the trip. Vigo to face Celtic,

He was another as always, but all the cameras and eyes were on him. Smiling and joking with the rest of the squad, he took part in the exercise without any apparent notice. In his mind, reflections on the next step in his career: Sign for Manchester United and leave Real Madrid,

The English club has offered him salary that is almost double which he sees in Madrid, and despite the fact that this season They Won’t Brawl Champions (yes Europa League) and after the first two days of the Premier League final gradedThe Brazilian has decided to cross the English Channel to place himself under the command of Ten Haag.

,I’ve talked to Casemiro. He wants to try a new challengeA new opportunity. The club and I understand it”, Carlo Ancelotti assured in a press conference. “Because of the person who we have to respect your wish, Now talks are underway, nothing is official and he is still a Madrid player, but it is clear that he wishes to leave. If he gets a deal, we have the means to replace him.”

But from judgment to fact is a step, because It is now up to United and Madrid to negotiate transfer costsa figure that exceeds 60 million euros and which would satisfy Real, which is already acknowledges the departure of one of its hierarchy, Signature Chaumani By 80 million The start of summer now makes perfect sense. french, Camavinga, Cross and Albas 5 minutes will be shared. Or so thinks Carlo Ancelotti. “Within the squad we have replacements. Tchoumani has been signed for the position and he is one of the best midfielders on the market. Then there is the option of Toni Kroos, who can play in this position and is already there with me.” Have played. , We also have Camavinga. Not to replace Casemiro with a player of his characteristics, But we have others who can play out there with different features”.

The Italian technician admitted that “I didn’t try to persuade her“. “I’ve only heard. Casemiro has helped us a lot, listening to his wishes I feel there is no way to go back. If the conversation goes well, we should wish them all the best And look what we have now. It’s hard to talk now because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few hours. If he doesn’t live, thanks for that great Because he’s done it and is doing great.”

Ancelotti has shown no animosity towards Brazil’s decision, which he understands. ,Casemiro has always understood very well what Madrid is, The same thing happened to me when I was coach of Milan, I was fine there, but I wanted to try something new. Milan was like a family, but you think about trying a new experience in a new league, a new country, a new language… It’s something personal and I totally understand that.”

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