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Ancelotti calms down before challenge to stake six titles: “It’s too complicated”

Real Madrid – Intract (X/9:00 pm)

Real Madrid’s Italian coach says he doesn’t need Benzema’s substitute: “We have many strikers”

Ancelotti during Real Madrid training in Helsinki.Antonio CalaniAP

The road from Helsinki’s Central Station to the Olympic Stadium requires an enigmatic walk between girls and boys who play in fields and parks that have no end, cafeterias where residents turn 20 degrees to place bets. Take advantage of higher temperatures. Roofs and ducks were happily walking along the path after taking a dip in Toloviken Lake. Life seems to be going slow from the top of the 72-metre, 71-centimeter tower, which overlooks the historic sports complex, built in honor of the distance covered by the javelin. Matty Jarvinen To become the Olympic champion at the 1932 Los Angeles Games.

UEFA has brought the men’s European final to Helsinki for the first time which can be seen in details. Everything seems natural, innocent even. So much so that from a single journalist’s work room one could see football players walking down the aisle, apparently at ease, and without worry.

Carlo Ancelotti, Karim Benzema You Luka Modric They appeared in the belly of the Olympic Stadium to smile and enjoy the moment. Hardly talked about in his opponent’s press appearance this Wednesday, stunned by the impossibility of being an Eintracht. Philip Kostik, a footballer who conditions the spine of the game from left-hand lane and who signs for Juventus. The White Trinity dealt with other types of debates, such as Real Madrid being challenged by media pulpits to win six titles for the first time at stake in the season.

“We will fight for all competitions, I have no doubt about it. But winning all six is ​​a bit more complicated,” Ancelotti admitted without hesitation, only to later warn, yes, that his team, in addition to with rudiger You chauameni“It’s better than last season.”

and white coaches, despite the disappointment of refurbishing mbpp With PSG, he tried to debate the idea: “We have signed players who have improved the team’s physical and technical ability. In addition, we have been working together for a year and we are the giants.” And we can further improve the chemistry between the youth, which was already very good.” last season. We all know each other better and we are more used to playing together”.

Then, Ancelotti was asked if he was concerned that Benzema did not have a clear replacement in the team. The French striker passed the buck. Not so Italian coach: “We have many forwards. A good list with Karim, mariano, risk, Rodrigo, vinicius, Asensio… have I forgotten someone? Obviously, when the best striker in the world goes missing, it will affect the team. But we have alternative solutions. It is impossible to replace Benzema. No one in the world can. And if one day he gets a cold, we will adopt him.”

Benzema, who is only three away with 22 titles marcelo (from which the captain has inherited this season), he did not want to affect his side before the next Ballon d’Or award ceremony. “I’m not here to say whether I’m the best or not.” But he acknowledged his progress after leaving Cristiano Ronaldo Summer of 2018: “It was different for me after Cristiano left. It’s true that I have scored many more goals, but when he was there I played a different kind of game. He was an assistant and a lot of other things. There was more. He helped me a lot outside as well as on the pitch. But I knew I could do more. When he left I had to change my game, my ambition, and so far I have done well”.

In his favor, Modric pointed to the charm: “I’ll keep them all. He’s an impressive talent and I’m glad everyone now recognizes someone I’ve known for a long time.”

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