Ancelotti admits to judge that he evaded taxes during his first leg at Real Madrid

The tax agency says the Italian coach evaded taxes between 2014 and 2015. According to the Italian coach, he was given “poor advice” the first year but denied the allegations the following year.

Carlo Ancelotti upon arrival at the Plaza Castilla Court in Madrid.Javier Barabancho
  • real Madrid Treasury confiscated Ancelotti 1.4 million of his salary
  • Economy Carlo Ancelotti enters Treasury’s defaulters list

real madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has admitted before the judge that he evaded taxes during his first phase as a technician for the White Club. Ancelotti is exposed as investigation this morning Inquiry into Madrid’s Court No. 35 And it has admitted that he did not pay taxes correctly during the 2014 fiscal year, which the tax agency attributed to the commission of one of two tax offenses for which it was condemned by the prosecutor a year earlier.

According to the Italian coach, he was “poorly advised” at the time and offered to immediately pay the court the amount claimed that year, which the Treasury credited with stealing more than 300,000 euros. A figure to which penalty and interest must be added.

During his court appearance, which was accompanied by Clifford Chance Criminal Area lead attorney Carlos Zabala, have fought, however, the second charge that the treasury puts upon him for crimes against the public treasury.

Although Ancelotti admitted that he committed a tax offense 2014, I refuse to evade taxes 2015., the year in which he was sacked as coach of Madrid and left Spain. In this section, contrary to the norms of the Coach Treasury, maintains, that I spent 158 ​​days not 183 days in spain And who can prove it? For this reason he has made available to the court The geographic location of your mobile phone and airline ticket of that year to demonstrate that he has not lived in our country for a minimum period of time to be considered a tax resident.

In this line, he asks that the Treasury apply the same criteria it used with him in 2013, when in his opinion he found himself in a similar situation, and in which he is not only in Spain as a non-resident. I agreed to pay the taxes but also returned my taxation share. During the past months Ancelotti and Hacienda have spoken Try to Close a Compliance Deal But it hasn’t crystallized due to technical anomalies around 2015.

Therefore, the Treasury has not only improved its initial position, but as The World revealed, Is Ordered to forfeit his new salary with Real MadridFor a total amount of 1,420,120.51 Euro. This amount is derived from a tax debt of EUR 1,396,875.33 to which the Treasury adds EUR 23,245.18 for late payment interest.

The tax agency says Ancelotti evaded taxes voluntarily between 2014 and 2015. That is, “with the intention of unjustly evading its obligations to the public treasury.” According to the prosecutor, Ancelotti deliberately kept his tax out of hand, in order to withhold his image rights and his income from the exploitation of the Madrid team “Hide Your Income Earner Identity” and supported by “a complex network of instrumental societies”. As such, the public ministry argues, “neither himself nor any of these companies (some residents, for this purpose, in tax havens) had to pay the large amounts of taxes received.”