“An outcry” on the way to Ancelotti’s three waterfalls and the altar of the coaches in Madrid. LaLiga Santander 2021

Madrid did not give up in the Italian’s third attempt to win their first league. He was the leader in the final stages of the season in 2014 and 2015. “He has competed all three years,” he defends.

Against Carlo Ancelotti, Sevilla.Christina QuicklerAFP
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before spring 2014The real madrid from Carlo Ancelotti was the leader of Federation three points ahead strong and on four barcelona, before spring 2015Carlo was the leader of the league with Ancelotti’s Real Madrid Four Digits profit on barcelona, before spring 2022Carlo was the leader of the league with Ancelotti’s Real Madrid nine points profit on Seville and at thirteen barcelona,

When talking more about the team related to the arrival of spring to the misfortune of the white team would be counterproductive. European Cup even more bracesWon them all before the summer, but it takes a little understanding Significance of this title for Ancelotti himself, The Italian took a knee in the domestic championship the same month he lifted tenth in the spring of Lisbon and bowed his head again 2015But the three years that he has seen his beloved city of Madrid flourish are the relationships that lead him today caress the altar of benchesway of being First to win all five major leagues,

in 2014, Madrid finished third After losing at the Bernabeu against BaraIn this PizzaJun Seville and in. against ballads against Celta, already thinking about the Champions League final, in addition to tying the doubles Valladolid You Valencia, All in the final stage. three point advantage over that strong He turned to the rojiblanco title. In 2015, after setting the record for 22 consecutive winsi lost in march saint mamso and in the New Area, to link seven consecutive winswith an inch Vein (2-3, oddly enough), and tied mestala To go four points away from a bara that does not stop. in Europe, Morata’s goal In Chamarten he left them without repeating the final. This year, the Madridista started the spring with a flat tyre in the Clásico, but the Europeans responded by extending their lead to the current fifteen points. A spring perfect garterFinally, with and without gaps Two historic comebacks in Champions To be at the door of the final again.

“It’s a vandalism”

“In the three years they’ve competed to the end, it’s humiliating”, despite that eternal stand out from Valdebebas. runrun who argues that Ancelotti’s teams always arrive in the spring, “Not so,” defended those who knew him. “I have a lot of experience in feeling like a champion,” admitted the Italian yesterday, who was aware of 2014 and 2015 results, position now, especially after being successful in your Seville’s third spring tripSeems more controlled: “The coaching staff is as if they were tied on points with Barra and Sevilla,” he highlights at Barnabu.

There is no overconfidence. ,luck is more of a virtue, Napoleon used to say that he preferred lucky generals to quality generals,” he joked. caraletto in front of the press. is also likely on the horizon First manager to win four European Cups, “I couldn’t do it all on my own,” he admitted, referring to his task force, State talk seven years agoEspecially for the work of physical trainer Giovanni Mauri.

now with Antony Pintas, no doubt in Chamartain. Nor is Ancelotti, happy to find her compatriot in command of her squad’s muscles and grateful for how empty the nurse is. they only care Mendy and Casemirogo down first Osasuna Due to muscle problems and doubts against the first leg Manchester City, “I think both he and Jovic will be there for that match,” insisted the coach, who announced ownership Karim Benzema and rest Luka Modric, “Karim is fine, he’s not tired so I’m going to wear him, and Luka isn’t going to play, he’s a little tired”.

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