Home Sport An MMA fighter loses a testicle due to a knee

An MMA fighter loses a testicle due to a knee

An MMA fighter loses a testicle due to a knee

Christian Lohsen, known as ‘Hollywood’ suffered an accident while training and had to be intervened

Lohsen at the hospital.Instagram
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The MMA fighter Christian lohsen, known as ‘Hollywood’, has lost a testicle after suffering an accidental knee to the crotch during a workout. This has been announced by the athlete himself on his Instagram account, where he has posted a photograph in which he appears in a hospital bed after undergoing surgery to remove his testicle.

Apparently, after suffering the blow, seeing that the pain was of great intensity and did not go away, they decided to take him to the hospital. “Thanks to everyone who helped me get to the hospital last night. I’m at home resting and the surgery went well. The doctor says not to lose testosterone or the possibility of having children because of this. If I lose the other [testculo] be another story, so from now on, if you hit me on my last testicle we will no longer be friends, “he said on his Instagram account.

In another publication, the wrestler thanked the large number of messages of encouragement he had received. Thus, he assured that “he does not recommend anyone to go through this”, but that as a result of this situation he has received signs of affection from “people I do not know” and even “jokes” about his accident that have made him smile. “Thanks to everyone who is sending good wishes. I recover and return, I have good friends and family supporting me and a perfect wife taking care of me,” he said.

Reference from elmundo