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Álvaro Cervera, from god to villain in Cádiz in six months | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Álvaro Cervera, from god to villain in Cádiz in six months |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The coach who achieved promotion to First in 2020 is fired for his bad start to the season: the yellow team is second to last with only 14 points out of 60 possible.

Álvaro Cervera, after Sunday’s loss to Osasuna.EFE
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The Cadiz has announced the dismissal of the coach Alvaro Cervera Due to the bad situation that the team is going through, nineteenth in the standings, with 14 points, four behind Getafe, which marks the permanence.

Cervera, who arrived at the yellow club in the 2015-2016 season and achieved promotion to the Second Division, He has spent seven seasons on the Cádiz bench. Two seasons ago, the people of Cadiz were promoted to the First Division.

With Álvaro Cervera he leaves the coach who has directed the most matches to Cádiz in its history, a total of 257, and the coach who achieved the last promotion to the First Division, in addition to a comfortable tenure last season that included two wins against the two most successful clubs in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Cervera, 56, took Cádiz out of the Second B well six seasons ago to put it recently in the top flight under the premise of a football that is not very attractive for the spectator but eminently effective: defensive order, pressure, speed start and shot.

This season, these attributes have been diluted and Cervera’s poor results from Cádiz have sent him to unemployment. 14 points out of 60 possible, only two wins – none at home – and ten defeats mark the negative balance of the people of Cádiz who, in addition, are the second team that receives the most goals (34) and the second that scores the least (15) .

Drop in six months

Cervera, the architect of the last ascent of Cádiz, has seen how in half a year he has gone from being a kind of god for Cadiz to picking up his belongings from the locker room locker.

Known as Álvaro in his professional footballer stage, in the 80s and 90s he was a sought-after forward who reached internationality and stood out in the First Division in Mallorca, Valencia and Racing de Santander. It was precisely at this club that he was given the first opportunity to train in the First Division. In the 2011-12 season, he came as a shock to a team located at the bottom of the table, he could not reverse the situation, the Racinguistas descended and did not continue.

The opportunity came after many years in lower categories, in a Second B in which he trained illustrious such as the Cultural Leonesa, Real Jaén or Castellón, with which he achieved his first promotion. In the silver category he had a brief stage in Huelva, from where he left, seduced by the offer from Racing. But failing to stay put him back down to the infamous bronze category.

The Tenerife He claimed it to return to professional football and he succeeded. In 2013, Cervera’s second promotion to Second. This time he did continue, although in his third season at the helm of Tenerife he was dismissed. Back to start, again to Second B. At the end of the 2015-16 season he called him Cadiz. It is even dangerous to enter the promotion phase, but he succeeds and the promotion is reflected in six meetings, in which another Cádiz is seen.

In the four following seasons in the silver category, Cádiz was always at the top of the table. One year he played the promotion promotion, the next two were close and the 2019-20 campaign managed to climb to the highest category. Such was the club’s confidence in Cervera that They renewed it for four seasons, of which it has only been able to fulfill one and a halfto. The first, recalling the nickname of that Cádiz ‘giant killer’ of the eighties and in this one, falling into the abyss.

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