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Alexia Putellas, star of the Ballon d’Or and Spain, breaks the crusade 24 hours before the start of the European Championship

National team captain Barcelona player was seriously injured during training this Tuesday. Spain’s other great star, Jenny Hermoso, was injured before the concentration.

Alexia Putellas during training.RFEF

big blow to women’s soccer team I arrived just before the start. A ‘crack’ in training that caused anxiety, more pain during the day and an echo that solved the worst news Spain 24 hours before the start European Championship, its European Championship: alexia putelas, Ballon d’OrSuffers from a serious knee injury and will not play the tournament.

for them 28 years oldAt the best moment of his professional career, the captain, star and light of a team that dreamed of lifting the first continental crown in its history, Knee Catalan has said enough. “Tests performed on the Spanish international at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London have confirmed that he has ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee,” the RFEF statement said. Alexia was injured during training this Tuesday bisham abbey And he will be out longer than Euro and that will prevent Jorge Vilda from being their top scorer.

Putellus was the leader 7th best team in the world, fifth in Europe, were undefeated during the qualifying stage and convinced that now, finally, they could face the continent’s great teams. the spirit that brushes against France World Cup 2019when you protect America in the quarter finals and promised myself that England 2022 This was going to be his big opportunity. with Barcelona as the current Champions League finalistsWith 2021 European champions and Alexia as the current Ballon d’Or, the sky was the limit for Spain, who now see their roof coming down.

The news of his best player’s injury comes just weeks after our country’s second greatest scorer, Jenny Hermoso, complained about physical problems. Barcelona attackers who could switch teams this summer have suffered medial collateral ligament sprain At the end of the season that did not allow him to join the concentration in Las Rojas. One stick for the group which is now doubled.

amiur sarrigiThe 21-year-old striker for Real Sociedad and the Spaniard, the second most goalscorer in the last league after Putelas, has been selected by Jorge Vilda to replace Alexia. It is one of the jewels of Spanish football, which, relying on the undisputed ownership of Alexia, has been removed at the last minute from a list calling for entry to players of a different profile. That’s all gone now.

without putelas and without hermoso It will be more difficult for Spain, but not impossible for women’s football at the Dreams Theater at Old Trafford starting this Wednesday. 38 years after the first European Championship in historythat was fixed in the mud Kenilworth Road of LutonEngland and Austria will start the competition on 31 July to be decided at Wembley. Two stadiums that are the legends of football and that will put the players on the first move of the ball. To play on its coveted grass, Spain would have to beat Finland in Milton Keynes and Germany and Denmark in Brentford in the group stage before reaching the quarter-finals.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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