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Alex Baena eats Valladolid in Pusella. LaLiga Santander 2021

Valladolid 0 – Villarreal 3

Brace was included in the opening goal by first-timer Jackson to defeat the Valladolid team in Baena’s league debut.

Chukuvez, Baena and Jackson celebrate one of the Spaniard’s goals in Valladolid.
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LaLiga Santander enters by knocking on the door: jackson You weft He made his debut in the competition with brilliance in the victory of a Villarreal team that was better than Valladolid in all stages, except for occasional starts by Blanquiviolette. Alex Baena, with his second goal, silenced Jose Zorilla and submitted his candidacy for the best goal in the league on the day of the first match.

Valladolid were eager to start their promotion in the best possible way in the first five minutes, in which Villarreal was, for the moment, surpassed, at least until pony stone He found his habitual practices of creation in the subconscious.

Then Villarreal took control of the ball and began experimenting with passes. equalwho finished 10th in his hundred games with Villarreal, until GerardTo see if Valladolid’s defenders faded like this.

The final pass failed, but with efforts, the people of Castellón began a kind of monologue in which the people of Pusela could only touch the leather except in bursts. rock table either silver,

After half an hour, Villa-Real’s men were already withdrawn, very close together, almost hermetic, making Pusella’s possession an infertile one that would always be able to turn against them, because of Gerard’s swift exit. exit and Jeremy They were the cross on the coin in the wind of the Castilian-Leonian attacks.

So much so that, at minute 37, Gerard threatened and demanded a defensive effort and, in minute 40, Yeremy sent it to the post. Two opportunities came from the escape after Blanquioletta’s insistence. In response, 42 Roque Mesa picked up the stand of Jose Zorilla and Stretched. RuliA halt with which, gradually, the pause was reached.

A pair of Jackson and Baena register first yellow win in LaLiga

Villarreal started the second half with better benchmarks in their flirtation with Lakshya, opening with more rhythm and joy. Soon, in the 49th minute, it was shown: a goal from Jackson, who used an assist from Yeremy. By the time Jackson arrived, the Canaries had slipped away from their mark and were reduced to the far post, in the space between rivals, making their debut in the First Division (0–1).

digested He wanted to shake the Hornet’s nest with a triple change in the 54th minute and automatically defeated Villarreal, who got down to cover himself better, with lively strikes. Evan SanchezWhich turned out to be spicy.

To balance the flavors, Emery introduced chuqueze and bena, and shortly after MoralesWhile advanced lines looking for Valladolid tables.

Crossing 75, the game was in the hands of sprinters and passersby. Tiralíneas everywhere, not very effective, but very optimistic, especially of Valladolid.

In one of them, but for the yellows, Chukuvez received, stopped the clock for a moment and passed it to a Bena, who, in the center of the field, proposed a pass to the far post net that was 0- Finished by 2. 80.

9 minutes later, great goal: Baena left a shoe after locating himself to the front, which entered through an Asenzo’s squad to see a third goal piece for Villarreal (0–3). was abandoned, resulting in Emery’s men scoring the first three points.

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