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Ale Galan: “Al-Khelaiai wants to free the PDL”

The number one in the world, who is also the president of the Players Association, talks with EL MUNDO about the arrival of paddle tennis at Roland Garros and the dispute between the Sheikh Circuit and the World Paddle Tour.

Elle Gallen during the Premier Paddle Roam Test.@premierpadel
  • pdl Al-Khelai’s second great dream provokes a double war in the paddle: “It’s not a question of money”

the same place you visited Rafael Nadal Becoming a Legend hosts the World Championships this week with the goal of becoming a turning point in a sport that continues to grow. Philippe Chattier, Roland Garros and Paris host These days ‘Major of Paris’third circuit testPremier Pedalpowered by shekho Nasser Al-KhelaifiqPresident of Paris Saint Germainthat clashed straight with the classic world paddle tour Creating a scholarship within the game.

The rewards are high, but at the same time, they are defended, bearing, healing received and the quality of the venues in which they play. explains everything ale galno (Madrid, 1996), which is number one in the world You player union presidentin this conversation World,

How do you get the opportunity for new circuits?
It was born in the last Paddle World Cup, which was held in Qatar in November. Luigi Carraro, president of the International Puddle Federation, knew we were forming a players’ union and proposed a project to me. he found something partners To create a distinct professional circuit, with a vision of growth for the sport, internationalization and the quest for paddle tennis to become the Olympics. And it has exceeded expectations.
Have you met Ah al-Khelai? What did he say to persuade them?
Yes, we met him at that time. We liked the hospitality with which he treated everyone. A person the whole world knows, deals with so many people in a small game, is to be commended. We saw how much respect he had for us and the desire he was going to put into this project. It was something that was built there that hadn’t been worked on before. He got to know the situation there we live in the circuit and all he wants is to release the pedals. That offer is: free play with the conditions we are entitled to.
The awards may garner the most attention, but other than that, what does the premiere offer them that the World Paddle Tour hasn’t given them?
Freedom. We have the freedom to decide whether we can play the tournament or not. This is the future. And that’s how I think tennis is built too, that you can choose the events you want. And then pedal to increase the amplitude. Stepping on squares that we would not have imagined, Foro Italico, Roland Garros … that and how they are caring for the image of the player and the idea for the future, that it grows and it is not amateur in Spain based game. Make it professional and that the people at the bottom, with all the effort they put in, can make a living out of it and not lose money.

in MajorPremier Pedal’ Which has so far been controversial, having distributed over half a million euros in prizes. A startling statistic for what the players were looking for in each of the World Paddle Tour tournaments, where they took €20,000 Each winning couple. Qatar tournament winners almost received 100,000 euros per pair, the same amount as was at stake in this Sunday’s final at Roland Garros. The economic differences are clear and most of the reasons for this world top30 pdel The World Paddle Tour has signed up for the Premier Paddle Majors due to a complaint it believes it had an exclusivity contract with the players.

Do you have a contract with World Paddle Tour?
Yes, till December 2023. And we are giving 100%, winning and reaching the final, complying with what was agreed. Controversy… I hope it ends soon and we can calm down, because it is not confident to compete with lawsuits on top and with the best faces.
Are you playing for an organization (World Paddle Tour) that sued you?
S. In 5 tournaments, except Denmark, we have played all the finals. It cannot be questioned how we are following what was signed.
Now there are many tournaments in different sports that are coordinated or organized in Middle Eastern countries. For you, who won it in the first person, what do you think?
If you decide before you know… in fact, if you look at the work that is being done, apart from the fact that there is QSI and Qatar is all governed by an international union, what you see is a Great and visible product people. Best we’ve seen. The positive way they are investing in game development is to help for the freedom of the game. There is nothing to be thankful for but condemnation, and I appreciate it because they are betting and investing in my game.
and feel financially valuable.
it’s clear. But it looks sharp, comparison is fast. But it is also internationalizing the sport, taking it to the world capitals, Rome, Paris, to see it grow, that we are experiencing something that has not been experienced until now. Beyond numbers, there is no color.
And be an Olympian.
This is the cornerstone of the project, Turning Paddle Tennis into the Olympics, is what can inspire us the most. I trust the project and hope it won’t be that long and that I can experience a few games as a player. Now playing at Roland Garros gives me goosebumps.
What does it mean for you to play there?
It is incredible to see how paddle tennis continues to make its way into the great sport. And for all that matters to the Spanish sport, for Roland Garros, for tennis and for all that Rafa has done, it is incredible.
Do you see the development of paddle tennis in tournaments played outside Spain?
Completely. In Spain it is brutal, but abroad, especially in Europe, fill what we experienced in Rome Major, with more than six or seven thousand people, who had the passion … to go to other parts of Italy. Before and it didn’t happen. You take pride in the sport you practice.
A good way to look at the evolution of pedals is to look at how many brands it had about 5 years ago and how many there are now.
Before we were alive and looking for sponsorship to finish the season and travel, because I couldn’t myself. It’s worth noting now that there are significant brands entering, powerful companies that are also seeing a way to do business in the game.
How did they make money years ago?
When we were 15 or 16, even up to 20, we played tournaments we called ‘pirates’ that weren’t federated, just to win a racket and be able to sell it for 100 euros There are no more expenses to be able to travel for. It gives dimension to how everything has changed.
Have you lost money?
Yes, within the circuit that has been so far if you are not in the last table you lose money. Players in prequalifying, qualifying or the first half of the draw lose money. The prizes weren’t enough until we had a sponsor to pay for it.

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