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Alcaraz saved two match points against De Miaur and will play the final against Cario

Alcaraz saved two match points against De Miaur and will play the final against Cario

He made a spectacular comeback of his career after three hours and 39 minutes to win 6-7(4), 7-6(4) and 6-4. To be the twelfth Spanish final of the tournament

Alcaraz celebrates a point against de Miaour.Joan MontfortAP

If Carlos Alcaraz lacked anything in his fearless professional biography, it was a victory such as the one achieved in the Condé de God semi-final, a victory coming from the brink of the abyss., It was only a semi-final, but the match against Alex de Miauer had all the components of a straight fight for the title. The Spaniard, uneasy in the first two sets, overcome his opponent’s admirable work, collecting two match points for the rest, 40-15 and 6-5 down in the second set, and put up the letterhead of those who knew it How to fight to the limit for survival. I won 6-7(4), 7-6(4) and 6-4 in three hours and 39 minutes and will play the final this Sunday (at 5:30, LA1), who beat Diego Schwartzman . 6- 3 and 6-4, This will be Spain’s twelfth final in this tournament.

“A miracle, but I’ve saved match points, one of them scored a death I don’t even know how I got it out. You have to give everything until the last ball because everything can change,” he said on teledeporte at the foot of the track.

With no sign of dedication on the other side of the court, Alcaraz, who ended the game 20 minutes into the opening break of the final set, knew how to brace his jaw and put his best foot forward during the match. . Gritty profile. De Meaur was more than what was expected of him and compromised the options of the baby coming like a missileAfter defeating recent champion Stefanos Tsitsipas in Monte Carlo for the third time in its emergence season and in the quarterfinals.

The Australian never gave up in the match. I fell 3-1 in the third set and took a 4-3 lead. With clear thoughts, he exposed himself, putting pressure on his opponent’s every other serve, and showing himself to be very accurate to the rest of the team. It was he who, inside the track, laid down the rules by which collisions were governed. The Sydney tennis player, ranked number 25 in the world, has seen his progress delayed due to injuries. It was his first semi-final in a clay tournament, but he showed adaptability, intelligence and combativeness.

difficult moment

“I’m not going in the head”, Alcarz could be heard after crashing a simple volley, which he could have approached the other way against the net and hit his opponent two other set points in the tiebreaker of the first set. could offer. Two who were already there before he came. Unclear, hastily, Alcaraz ran into serious difficulties. De Miauer made the most of errors and took the first set. With five titles, four on hard and one on grass, the 23-year-old from Sydney has long been underrated Australian tennis’s strongest hope.

Alkaraz opposed the breaking ball. He was unable to convert any of his first eight, going 4-2 with three of them 0-40 and serving in the second set. “I know I have to improvise. I’m not going to play like this,” I monologue out loud. It was already in a very fragile state, down 5-4 in the second, when, in the ninth, it achieved its goal. This was not enough to avoid the oncoming dangers.

Unfailingly, de Meaur broke again in the eleventh, a game that began with an argument between the Spaniard and the chair umpire, Carlos Bernardes, who went to Foxton to review a ball. “It’s unbelievable that they ground this method because it doesn’t work. Everyone’s seen it’s out and the one who gets worse is me,” he shouted at the judge, rebelling against technology. . De Miauer won the game and had two match points, both of which were neutralized by the Spaniard, who responded well in the tiebreaker.

The third set was a series of fierce fighting. In a day of great demand, with four semi-finalists forced to play two games to compete for the title due to suspensions due to rain on Saturday, Alcarz completed the task with a great right down the line. Champion in Rio and Miami, in the tournament he has climbed top tenshowed a new mark in his revolver and won a match that at times was almost impossible for him.

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