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Alcaraz: “I see myself as capable of winning Roland Garros”

The new champion attended a group of Spanish journalists in Miami. “I want to win my second Masters 1000 on the Dirt Tour.” “I have improved my reading of matches a lot. Before leaving the court I was wondering what happened”

Alkaraz poses with a cup at Hard Rock Stadium.Eric S LesserEFE

Hours after lifting the cup in Miami, Carlos Alcarazu I ran into a group of Spanish journalists via Zoom. Once all the commitments required for such an important victory were met, the first winner of the tournament appeared in conversation with the same naturalness that he gives on the court. “If I had won a Grand Slam we would have done more press than that,” he tells us Nikola ArzaniResponsible for the communication of ATP, evaluates the good instincts of the protagonist.

“Now it’s a few days off. There’s been a big demand for a month and a half, because I’ve also come from the Davis Cup. Soon, to get Montecarlo ready and see what I can improve. At the bottom of the valley Being, one hundred percent every day is complicated. I have worked out and I have a good physique, which helps me endure tough matches. I am lucky to be able to travel with a physiotherapist. juanjo [Moreno] always by my side Sergio already fran in Murcia. They cure me to endure the year in the best possible way”.

Alcaraz hailed his coach’s arrival in Miami on Saturday, John Charles Ferrerowho could not accompany him to the tournament due to the death of his father, edward, “It was a real surprise. I didn’t expect him to come. His mere presence had already won, no matter what the final.”

Without playing his best game, he was able to manage difficult moments in the first set and then lost with relative ease casper rudd, indicating that he knows how to interpret what is happening in games very well. “Before I said ‘What happened?’ Used to leave the court saying, I have made a correction”.

He looks to the future without the fear of the pressure of feeling like the favorite in any tournament already and, shying away from responsibility, he picks up with more achievements. “I would say that I am ready to win Roland Garros. I have the physique, the mindset. I see myself ready to win the Grand Slam this year. I know there are great players, like Rafe, Djokovic, tsitsipaso, medvedev, but I see myself ready to win one. I don’t know if it will happen in Paris or not.”

fear and nerves

Judging by his attitude and his ability to resolve, it seems that he is not afraid of anything that he denies. “I’m afraid of a lot of things, of the dark, of many animals. I got so stressed out to get my driver’s license. It doesn’t seem like it in matches, but there’s a lot of nerves involved”.

“Last year everything was a new experience, almost everything was a first,” he continues. “Now I am a completely different person and player. All the experiences have helped me face the semi-finals and the final of the Masters 1000. You never know when you will have a big one or when I will be No. 1, But I hope to know as soon as possible.”

At the moment, he values ​​the great achievement as the biggest success of his career so far. “Being able to win the Masters 1000 here in Miami means a lot to me. It reflects the great work we’ve done with our team, with our people. I’m a guy who wants more. I’m ready And I want to get my second Masters 1000 on this tour of the land”.

Regarding his way of playing, full of ingenuity and improvisation, he values: “I am very dynamic, with enough resources. In an instant I can do different things for you. It’s all at the same time.” There’s good and bad too, because sometimes I don’t know what to do.” Hit select”.

His wrath has come in a vertical way, something he begins with daily dedication. “Every day I put my brick in my wall in the best way. I learned this from a motivational video that Juanjo sent me. Don’t try to make the wall bigger, but put your brick in the best way every day keep from”

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