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Alcaraz amid ankle scare and Nadal praise: “I see no reason why I can’t beat Djokovic”

“He may not like the meltdown in the second set, he plays a lot to the mood,” warned the 21-major champion.

Alcaraz adds a ‘drive’ against Nadal during the third set.AP

“I manifest unequivocally that it is. One is now 19 years old and the other is almost 36 years old. If it is from now, we will see it in the coming months. Words of Rafael Nadal after losing the first time Carlos Alcarazu, In the quarterfinals of the Matua Madrid Open, answer a question asked by many fans. Leaving three games on the road, a year and a day after Mercian was eliminated in the tournament’s second round, the winner of 21 Grand Slam titles couldn’t resist the push of a kid who ended up destroying everything placed in front of him. Yesterday the five-time champion of the tournament was Nadal, whom he defeated after two hours and 28 minutes (6-2, 1-6, 6-3). Today (not earlier than 4:00 pm, Teledeporte) may Novak DjokovikNumber 1 in the world which he has never faced.

Alkraj doesn’t stop at anything or anyone. Nor when luck hangs over him, as with a fall after the third game of the second set, he suffered a sprain in his right ankle that sometimes compromised his continuity in the game and caused the set to become scarce. Had gone with someone protest.

Not for those people. This year’s champions of Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, ​​full of determination and enthusiasm, reset after going through the locker room and returned the match to the dynamics of the first set, where he did not allow himself to be bound in the backhand zone and Shown how he spends them with that jerk when repeated bumps from the southpaw managed to engulf him.

Accept it with “naturalness and calmness”

Victory is of extraordinary importance. When and how the definitive replacement takes place, it is clear that the tennis player from El Palmar already has another mark in his revolver. He has defeated 13-time champion Roland Garros, the best clay specialist, the man to have won the most Grand Slam titles, to many true goats of the sport. After a warning issued earlier in the semi-finals at Indian Wells, he defeated his idol, where he sought until the third set and forced him to make an effort that caused his ribs to crack due to stress. Nadal has spent six weeks off the track since an accident that pitted him against taylor fritz In the final of the tournament, which until yesterday was their only defeat in an exceptional year.

To mention the successes of Nadal’s season is to add value to Alcaraz’s victory. «He has been better than me in many aspects of the game. It is accepted naturally, calmly and with certainty that there is a path to be followed for two-and-a-half weeks to win the real choices,” Nadal said of the thought of Roland Garros, which has been around since the 21st. begins.

From the beginning of the game, a . with breakAlcarz showed that he had very clear ideas, that he was not one to feel intimidated, not even because the match was played in Madrid, with the full potential of Caja Magic and even the presence of as well King Philip VI, Alkraj knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. His style accepts no compromise. He was the first player to retain his serve after three consecutive breaks between the two in three matches lasting 22 minutes in the coming-time announcement. As in Friday’s press conference, after saving four match points David Goffin And after spending three hours and five minutes on the court, Nadal lowered his hopes and conceded that Alcaraz arrived in the match with a superior temperament, no one doubting that he would fight with the same enthusiasm he had used throughout his life. career, that he would not want to leave anything behind in a game full of symbolism.

Nadal does not reach a ball from the bottom of the court to Alcaraz.EFE

Thus, without ever lowering his arms, he balanced the score in the second set marked by an injury to Alcaraz and a subsequent interruption of more than fifteen minutes due to a man suffering heat stroke. Scared of the spectacular slip, for which he was treated by the tournament’s physiotherapist, Alcaraz lost his wit, became a mess and started playing too fast. “I don’t see any reason why he can’t beat Djokovic, but he can’t have a meltdown like in the second set, he plays a lot depending on the mood,” Nadal said when asked about Mercian. the option. in the semi-finals.

If this disconnection is in his debt, along with the mitigating factor of what happened, he has to his credit the courage to secure a return ticket in a situation that is far from easy. With the scores even higher, it was easy to doubt that Nadal would not miss an opportunity to cement his power and his profession.

“If You’re Not Going To Retire, Don’t Think About It”

“The ankle bothers me, but it wasn’t a reason to do the second set I’ve done. When I went into the locker room I said to myself: ‘Charlie, if you’re not going to retire, what about the ankle? Don’t think in me, but think about fighting till the last ball,’ he told the media. top ten, Alcaraz doesn’t stop growing. Defeat in his debut at Montecarlo, against Sebastian KordaIt was just a pause, just an accident. “I feel a lot of emotion. Some might say he has beaten Rafa on clay and I feel lucky to be one of them. I’m super happy”, he said at a press conference. That he was still too bold to defend himself in a somewhat uncertain English, that too in the final game, going over the net with a serve and a volley and then taking advantage of the first. equal points with an impeccable passing shot From the right « I have always thought that you have to go for them in critical moments. If you fail, at least you went for them.”

After knocking down Nadal, and with three wins Stephanos Tsitsipaswhom he defeated again in the quarterfinals of Condé de Godo, it would be no surprise if he could beat Djokovic today. The Serbian, who is playing in Madrid, has an unusual fourth tournament of the season, having missed out on yesterday’s refusal to vaccinate against the COVID-19 Hubert Herkasz At his best game of the year. previously deleted by Alexander Davydovich Finalists in Monte Carlo and in Belgrade, where they won 6–0. Received Andrew Rublev In the third set, he begins to regain the physical and tennis tone needed to defend the title he won at Roland Garros last year and match Nadal’s 21 Majors.

Today will be an important test for him against the player who progresses according to the demand. After two fairly flat games, against Nikoloz Basilashvilik You Cameron Norrie, which snatched a set from him, Alcaraz was again up against Nadal who was a creative and cheerful player who captivated to showcase his immense power to woo. «We are putting everything in the pan so that tomorrow is the ankle [por hoy] Not one hundred percent but two hundred percent.”

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