Alberto Fernandez and Fitima Glavez first gold for Spain

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Spain won its first gold medal at the Tokyo Games by firing two shotguns at a base of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. The Land of Asek served as a military academy for the youth of the Imperial Army in 1940, before becoming a shooting range for the 1964 Olympic event. Five years later, when World War II ended with the Asian country as a defeated power, the United States sought to keep its cavalry division in the region.

Alberto Fernandez I walked on the floor like a rock star. Like when he takes to the steps of the cities of Madrid and Toledo to deliver a guitar recital from a musical group called Los Gippermans. This Saturday he gave another rendition: 75 out of 75 shots in qualifying and 24 out of 25 in the finals.

Fatima Gloves I was more nervous than my partner. He staggered from side to side during the megaphone presentations of this final shoot in the K mode Net Mixed (Olympic pit), a category that premiered in some sports. That tension led him to miss the first three shots at the plate.

It is for the record that your rivals, alessandra perilli You Gian Marco Berti, He didn’t even start off very well. Of the 50 flying saucers, the Spaniards have broken 41. One more from the San Mariners. The Spanish national anthem finally played on the podium in Tokyo.

“I had a great time”

“It was a game for me. I had a great time,” Alberto said while walking through the mixed field, where a dozen recognized Spanish media were waiting for him. He and Fatima, apart from wearing gold medals and proudly showing off to the cameras, held a small bouquet of flowers that the organization had given them.

“I suffered a little bit more at the start because I didn’t see the plate at the beginning. The start was a bit of a disaster, but the important thing is that we are back. I believed everything would be alright. Mentally we were very prepared were” the shooter explained.

For 34-year-old Fatima, a nurse by profession, this is her third Olympic participation. Alberto, the triple world champion, a native of Belves de la Jara, a city of 1,000 residents in Toledo, played his fourth. In their combined palmer in the mixed team competition at the Cyprus World Cup in 2017, Glávez and Fernández have already climbed to the top of the podium.

“I wanted to come and play and have a lot of fun. I’ve got it. Plus, it’s easy to do with Ftima because it’s the best. Now we have to continue working for the Paris Games. Together.” In, of course. Because in the next Games we have to go together. For another medal”, concluded Alberto.

I was also excited in the press area Dridi Marcelo, an experienced Italian coach who has been a Spanish shooting coach for a year. Marcelo explains why his colleague in San Marino called for a time-out when the shooting season was coming to an end. “He wanted to mislead us, especially Alberto. I tried to unsettle him as he was giving all the dishes.”

“About Leaving Too Many Times”

Both were in the medal pool. He fulfilled the predictions by qualifying for the finals. Silver was already insured. Spanish couple from the Asca shooting range, 35 km from the Olympic village Net Mixed secured the fourth medal for Spain in Tokyo. And, in the end, it was golden.

in front of him San Marino, a country with 60 km2 and more than 34,000 inhabitants, has won more medals than the rest of the editions in Tokyo since its debut in Rome 1960. It was Perilli who took the podium in the race on Thursday. Net Awarded to San Marino the first medal in women’s shooting and history. This time he has taken silver. It is the least populated country in the world to receive an Olympic medal.

Guitarist Alberto, who lives in the municipality of Ilescas (Toledo), was the first Spanish to qualify for Tokyo. Fatima earned her Olympic diploma in London 2012 and RO 2016. Always sticking to a medal that he would eventually be able to take Bena, the municipality of Córdoba of 19,000 inhabitants.

Glavez and Fernandez, with their Olympic gold.Reuters

According to Pepe Daz Garcia You Jose Manuel Rodriguez In 341 Stories of GreatnessThe youngest of four sisters, Cordovan began his practice in shooting at the age of nine due to his father’s passion for hunting. po luiso. The shooter said in an interview with EL Mundo before RO 2016, “My father had a shotgun that was older than me. He took me to practice at fairs and at the age of 11 I started competing and a few cups. started winning.”

Then, he complained that “I was about to quit several times because of financial and personal problems.” The shooting federation didn’t pay him, saying they wanted to favor other shooters…

In 2015, she was not selected to participate in the European Championship. She condemned it as a retaliation for not participating in the Spanish Championship, which she resigned in solidarity with her coach, the Italian Luca Di Mari, with whom she works without the Federation, being paid no salary. Is.

A nurse by profession, Fatima is now studying for a degree in psychology. The place in Tokyo was secured with gold at the Minsk European Games in June 2019.

17 years later

It was a cloudy day in Tokyo. In the first round of qualifying, Spain finished third with 49 hits from 50 shots, with a single omission from Glávez. In the second round, a full rise to first place for the Spaniards.

In the third round, with 50 goals ahead and 99 points, they trimmed to allow their failure to reach the final. Two were unsuccessful, but they finished co-leading the classification with 148 points, the same number of points as the San Marino pair.

The gold medal in Olympic shooting is Spain’s fourth Olympic shooting in this discipline and the first for teams. Mara Quintanali Silver will be hung in the pit in Athens 2004. A sweet ending for a couple who didn’t start these games off well. In the individual competition, Glávez was thirteenth and Fernández ninth. Separately, none of them reached the finals.

But no matter what, Alberto summed up everything he knew after receiving a gold: “Work, sacrifice, passion and joy. We deserve it.”