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Alaba ends Madrid sweat at Almera. LaLiga Santander 2021

Reigning champion Lucas Vázquez and the Austrian central defender (1-2) come away from home with goals. Beginners Camavinga and Tchoumeni didn’t get their best version in a demanding match

David Alaba celebrates his goal in Almera.George WarriorAFP
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This league must sweat. A team that has just returned to the First Division is opposed to a good Madrid, troubling despite the inaccuracies of the rotation. ancelotti Pay attention, how did you do this? XaviAlthough it’s better to do it than to win that which is owed clown, Lucas VazquezAnd one possible change: Appreciation I entered, kissed the target’s saint and dried the champion’s sweat.

Events agree quietly with Ancelotti, with the same logic that summer gives way to autumn, blessed autumn. It will take a little longer to get to Almera. It was an oven. Helsinki had like the league average temperature, and a title was at stake. That is why the Italian did not deviate a millimeter from his hierarchical eleven. Despite being the son of farmers, he has spent his entire life in the elite class. Signatures ask for space. Young and respected people also like to see new faces. first Round The league, on the other hand, showed that there is a well anchored Madrid, who came back to win, and a Madrid that will have to adjust, in which chauameni Need to find your site without pretending to be a clone casemiroYou rudiger It must be coordinated with the rest, because its terms, immense, do not give for everything.

Ramadan made a mistake

He showed the first scare with the worst punishment: a goal in six minutes. The German took poor measure and Nacho didn’t do well either, who opened his arms before Ancelotti reproached. Ramadan He proceeded to get between the two centre-backs, leading without a doubt in the race and defined coldly in front of a goalkeeper who looks like a colossus. He will be in denomination. The spotlights illuminating the Almera are on Sadiqfor which he hopes to earn good money to be able to enroll Pacheco either leo baptistoBut the danger in the movement lies in Ramzani, a demon who troubled Madrid’s central defenders, reforming Almería. It is not possible to ask Nacho and Rudiger for the same rapport as Militao and Alaba.

Ancelotti added two pieces in midfield for a change in defence, which he entered as a start. camavinga and tachoumeni. better first, more dynamic, left his post modric After the break on seeing the yellow color. The card, often caused by a reaction after a loss, is his cross, something that the French must improvise.

Vinicius and Valverde, Dog and Overflow

The goal provoked an emphatic reaction from Madrid with three interceptions ferdinand facing shots from valverdeTough, but not enough compromise. For the goalkeeper who is not supposed to play this course, despite the eventual loss to Almera, straight promotion back to the First Division is part of its excellent staging. But there is more work, good work. team lead ruby, who also returns to the elite bench, knew what he wanted to do against Madrid until he had no more strength. He stepped up his defense at the start, looking for a surprise, and he fell back with too much confidence to resist until game time, a handful of footballers playing in the first division.

Good defensive combinations made by Ruby made Vinicius the weapon Madrid needed. Eliminating the pieces was the priority, it urges to overflow. The Brazilian always tried to go straight into the field, his eye on Benzema, who didn’t always take clean shots. bit, faulty. The other option was the physical power of the whites from Valverde’s cannon or set pieces. Fernando did a great job against Ridiger. Therefore, Vinicius had to continue as Madrid’s dynamo, while Ancelotti used risk In an effort to provide more options for a much faster siege, a fact that reinforced the merits of local resistance.

The fruit of Brazil’s work was picked up by Lucas Vázquez, favoring circumstances, as always, due to the loss of carvajal, He had already reached the net through offside, VAR. The second time was the charm. Lucas Vázquez is a precious person who doesn’t say all the good things he’s brought to Madrid without raising his voice. A good team needs its Lucas as much as Providence. Alaba, hastened by Ancelotti’s son, entered to rebuild the original Madrid after Modric, in time to start the winning free kick. Champion is warned and sweats, but in his place.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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