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Agusta claims new world golf order

Scotty Scheffler, this Saturday at Augusta.Eric S LesserEFE
  • Augusta Schaeffler dodges the Masters

not before Rahm’s Masters, not Rory’s Grand Slam, Tiger’s return, Masters of Augusta It seems to reinforce the new property of World Golf, which has made its way into a much-needed renovation in recent months. on that relay line, Scotty Scheffler, Cameron Smith and Sungjae Im has emerged as the main character of the first major event of the year, with Carl Schwartzel, Appears as the first representative of the South African Old Guard. Also appearing in the top ten Corey Connors or Colin Morikawa or Jason Kokrak.

Only seven players are on the field at the end of the third day of the Augusta Masters, which left us a tournament without options for the Spaniards. Nobody Jon Rahm, Neither Could Sergio Garcia Pay Tribute that day it seems Must have been 65 years old. Texan Scotty Scheffler He maintained his lead without difficulty in the final part of his round, despite a birdie on the 17th hole, the 18th indicating the tension he would have to handle tomorrow, Schaeffler failed miserably in the beginning, An error that caused him to end the day with a bogey left the lead at -9, three shots ahead of Australian Cameron Smith.

The Pau Gasol first appears in Augusta

‘Radio Macuto’ gets a significant last-minute reinforcement, nothing more and nothing less Pau Gasol, The Spanish sports stalwart joined the group this Saturday and went into the field with full laps of Sergio and Rahm luis figo and the cook Jose Andres. Pau was amazed on his first visit with the world’s most spectacular tournament staged. “A very special course that I really wanted to see, I am very happy that I am so close to the players, it is a beautiful event, with a very special and unique atmosphere, it is a very important event to be here , if I were to compare it to some basketball, it would be with the finals in M.Edison Square Garden”. The 215 centimeters allowed the Spaniard to have a privileged view of all of Sergio’s blows, “if you want I’ll hear blows”, he joked with Luis Figo. “It’s a privilege to be here, it’s a unique place, and it’s a luxury to be invited here by Sergio”, commented the Portuguese star.

However, not that much support helped Sergio get into the fight for the tournament, with the Spaniard ending up with a +2 card, Par four shots in Sanchit to leave him in the top 30 at the moment of tournament. In general, Sergio hit the ball well throughout the day, although two bogeys in the last three holes put an end to his confusion. “I’ve made some really good puts, but there are definitely some that have failed. Today I haven’t hit them as badly, though they haven’t done as well as other days. We had a few lucky ones at the start There were shots that we took advantage of, but then at nine seconds it was the exact opposite and it gave me a lot of shots… but it’s the same and we have to keep going.

The wind has been very strong and there are moments when it seems that there is no wind, but gusts appear that change everything. These things cannot be controlled; That’ll be a gust of wind and Scotty, Not only is he playing well but he has that luck And there it is (leader with -11 so far).

things were worse Jon Rahm is 41st in the tournament with 77 strokes. The +5 card is his worst result in six editions of the Masters he has played, despite finishing with a birdie in 18th.

“At the end of the 18th my face was more disbelief than relief… it was the worst putt I’ve thrown in the whole day and this is the one that hit the center… it’s a bit of a dynamism of everything of the day , because look, in the first 14 holes I played well… but it didn’t work out. There have been a few gusts of wind, which cost me a lot and still got me thousands of chances to be there. I am +7 and hope to have a good lap tomorrow. If I do -7 or -8 I’ll probably be in the top 20… I’ve done it before, but good. Tomorrow I want to do something below 70 and end on a high note. The only thing that is clear to me is that I am not going to give up and I am going to do my best to finish tomorrow as much as possible.”

Tiger Woods hasn’t even had his day, the fact that he’s playing this weekend is best news for golf, but he signed his worst round at the Augusta Masters at round 93. The Californian made five greens for three putts, to finish with 78 strokes, Status 41 with Rahm. share of classification.

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