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After 9 years of glory and improvement, Asenzo says goodbye to Villarreal. LaLiga Santander 2021

Santander League 2021 – 2022

The club has said goodbye to the player whose contract expired on 30 May, recalling his best moments as a Villarreal player.

Sergio Asenzo looks at the stand of La Sermica in a match this seasonVillarreal CF

Villarreal already had on the horizon that for the next season the club had more than a possible departure of Asenzo to cement the idea and it is now confirmed: Assenzo with Villa-Real unit on 30 May. The parties terminated their relationship would be sealed a contractual agreement that would extend the goalkeeper’s stay at the club.

And you have made us so happy. More than a goalkeeper, a grogueta legend. Villarreal will always be your home. Thanks for everyone. This is announced on the club’s network with a video by Villarreal, which compiles some of the best saves by Sergio Asenzo, who arrived in Castellón on 24 July 2013 on loan from Atlético de Madrid, buying the Castellón team for four. Ensures option. million euros next season.

In this way, Palencia’s goalkeeper managed to become the owner of Villarreal, a team with which he reached the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey in a match against Barcelona that season, of which Azulgrana emerged victorious, while in European competition, Villarreal finished in the table. They again managed to qualify for the Europa League by finishing sixth.

There are some dark, almost black ones in Sergio Asenzo’s journey as Villarreal’s target, as he suffered a new serious knee injury on April 29, 2015, which kept him off the pitch for almost nine months, his third There was a time when Asenzo fell injured with the same complication. The nightmare continued in 2017, in a match against Real Madrid on 26 February, when, having cleared an action after a shot by Benzema, the goalkeeper was seriously injured in the knee, taking until the 2017–2018 season to recover. , in a return to recovery of ownership among the Villa-Real team.

Already in the 19–20 season, Asenzo regained his peak form and played 32 games from the start, although in that season, Villarreal was saved from relegation in the last few days in which Sergio lost ownership. .

In Asenzo’s seventh season as Villarreal player, Palencia’s goalkeeper started as a substitute, but under the command of Javier Calleja, the famed goalkeeper would return to the starting baton on the fourth day of the league’s match, thus making a total of 34. The competition matches and classifies its team for the Europa League, which is ultimately won by Villarreal.

This has been his last season as a Villarreal player, with Sergio Asenzo enjoying early positions at Rulli’s side, although the appreciation of fans and recognition of his excellent willpower made Asenzo a respected figure in the midst of a loved one. Have given. In the ranks and in the stands of Villarreal.

Sergio Asenzo, who won bronze in the European Under-17s and won the 2006 European Under-19 and Under-21 titles with the national team, was first called up with the senior team on 20 March 2015, although without making his debut. . , delaying this debut match until 29 May 2016, when he would take the field to face Bosnia in a preparatory match for the European Championship that same year.

The goalkeeper, who has developed his career between Real Valladolid, Atlético de Madrid, Málaga Clube de Ftebol and Villarreal CF, will now embark on a new journey apart from a club that has always been a source of inspiration and inspiration to many. Will remember This was it.

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