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Adrin ‘el valiente’, fifth, best Spanish in an 800 and hope for the middle ground

Adrin 'el valiente', fifth, best Spanish in an 800 and hope for the middle ground

The Galician makes an intelligent race and arrives in the fight for the podium at the last straight. “What do I get a medal!”, He said to himself. At 23, he is an example of the emerging Spanish generation.

Adrin Ben, during the final of 800.JAVIER SORIANOAFP

Spanish athletics has a brave. Actually he has several, and young, but one appears in a highly demanding test, the 800, to consolidate himself at the age of 23, completed in the race, the day of his end. The future is of Adrin Ben, that after being a finalist and sixth in a World Cup, in Doha in 2019, he improves a place in the Olympic Games, where the level is similar, but the pressure and the atmosphere have nothing to do with it.

This Galician from Viveiro approached the race with intelligence and without any complex. He is not only an excellent athlete. It is a pure competitor. He started behind to avoid the skirmishes, dangerous in the middle, without obsession to catch the rope. They passed the first 400 in 53.76, at a slow pace, perhaps more than was convenient for the Spaniard, but this allowed him not to disconnect from the group, in a final very different from that of Doha, broken by a deadly pace.

In Tokyo he was always in the race, he came out on the outside and progressed with 200 to go. The effort could pay for it, but he resisted in front of some of the candidates for the podium, whom he surpassed, and entered with the ambition to fight a fifth place as if was a medal. Timing (1: 45.96) is not important in an Olympic final. There will be time for that, for the records. The victory, with a Kenyan double, went to Emmanuel korir (1: 45.06).

“What do I get a medal!” He told him in the last straight, but the forces did not give him: “In the last 50 I saw that I could no longer. I am left for that with a little discontent, but in the next Games we will see each other, although I do not know what. proof, “said Viveiro, who gave himself a fifth place on his birthday. The 1,500, in which he started, could be his choice. One more hope for the Spanish middle ground, which has not returned to its past splendor.


The good impressions left by the Galician midfielder, the first Spaniard in an 800 Olympic final, were joined by others, such as the surprising finalist of the 110 hurdles, Asier Martinez, third in his series with 13.27. A time that rescued him to be among the eight best in the final that takes place at dawn on Thursday. Orlando ortega, silver in Ro; Javier Moracho, seventh in Moscow 80, and Carlos Sala, in the same position in Los Angeles ’84, are his predecessors. The difference is that the Navarrese is 21 years old. Mata Prez, meanwhile, reached the final of 1,500, entering fifth in her semifinal and leaving her personal mark at 4: 01.69.

Nothing more than 20 has Mara Vicente, who won his series of 200 at the heptathlon, where he is in numbers to get Spain’s record. Your room for improvement is very important. Jorge Urea he won his 400 in the decathlon to finish the first day eighth. They could not be among the first eight, those considered finalists and with access to a diploma, Carolina Robles, last in the final of 3,000 obstacles, and Javier Cienfuegos, hammer tenth (76.30).