Home Sport Adri Figueras, a rare pivot in Spain as always

Adri Figueras, a rare pivot in Spain as always

Adri Figueras, a rare pivot in Spain as always

It is the surprise of the selection in these Games. “The fenders weigh more than me, but they are also slower,” he says. This Thursday (14.00), in the semifinals against Denmark, be key.

Adri Figueras, against Sweden, in the quarterfinals.FRANCK FIFEAFP

He dances among men who weigh 20, 30, 40 kilos more than him and he finds the hole where there is none and receives the ball in any way and they already know the conclusion: inside. Spain, this well-known handball Spain, which has had the same strengths and weaknesses for more than a decade, has found in these Tokyo Games something new that its rivals do not expect. It is Adri Figueras, a different pivot, perhaps the thinnest pivot – without exaggeration – also the fastest, something else.

“That’s my weapon. Defenders are used to stopping other types of pivots and many find it difficult to adapt to me. They weigh more than me, they are bigger, but they also move slower and read the game less. In general I think in The selection, in all positions, we have always lived to extract oil from these things. Physically we are not usually that big, but … “, Figueras analyzes and he is right, Spain does not usually have sides as gross as Mikkel hansen, Denmark’s main danger this Thursday (2:00 pm) in the semifinals, but in the pivot they had a strong tradition. With Rolando Uros Y Julen aginagalde, the centrals had become used to always having a beacon, a huge guy, nailed between rivals and Figueras, on the other hand, he offers movement, a lot of movement.

It is part of this new Spain that the coach is building Jordi Ribera By the time, at the end of this week, veterans like Ral Entrerros, Geden Guardiola, Dani Sarmiento or Aguinagalde himself. The injury of Viran Morros, a serious problem for the team in the remainder of the championship, has made Figueras lose some prominence, but his numbers are also surprising. In this tournament he is the seventh top scorer with 29 goals in six games and an 83% accuracy rate.

“My only objective is to help the team, to give fluidity. I feel very valued by everyone,” adds Figueras, a graduate in Physiotherapy, a French Chartres player, who at 32 is living his great moment and who hopes that it will end with a medal in Japan. This Thursday, against Denmark, Spain will need him.