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ACB: The cupbearer chaos that looms with the wave of infections and suspensions in the ACB | ACB 2021

 ACB: The cupbearer chaos that looms with the wave of infections and suspensions in the ACB |  ACB 2021

After the postponement of Madrid-Bara and the rest of matchday 16, the ticket to Granada will be awarded by the “winning percentage”, because it does not seem likely that the first round can be completed before January 30.

Llull and Davies, during the first classic of the season.Emilio Cobos / ACB Photo
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The Endesa League is, today, a puzzle with all its pieces scrambled on the table. A chaos of postponed matches, waves of infections that come and go and a Copa del Rey on the horizon with everything in the air. Right now, until the capacity of the Municipal Palace of Sports of Granada (which, with current measures could only be 50% when 80% of the tickets have already been put on sale). A stick of dynamite pressed into a calendar, that of continental basketball, already saturated.

The first news of 2022 was the suspension of the classic that must be played this Sunday at the WiZink due to the positive cases in the team of Jasikevicius. Beyond the medical appeal for the competition that a Madrid-Bara Christmas supposes that will no longer be, the postponement is not the main headache for the ACB. The jolt of contagion caused the day 16, the one to be played these days, was completely postponed.

And it is still pending to relocate half day 15 (only four of nine were played), the Breogn-Joventut of the 11 and the Bara-Manresa of the 14. A full-blown chaos, which is accelerated by the imminent dispute of the Cup ( February 17-20), for which it is necessary to designate the eight participants and the status of seed of four of them. Today, only Madrid and Bara have a guaranteed ticket for Granada.

Until January 30

As a relief, the ACB met in an Extraordinary Assembly on the 27th and agreed to extend until January 30 the dispute period for the first round matches (until matchday 17). If this is not possible -today, it does not seem so, since this January there are also European competitions-, the clubs unanimously decided that it would be the percentage of victories on that day that would designate the passengers of the first important title of the course.

Something, without a doubt, that is going to bring controversy so s. In fact, even some of those involved have already ruled on the matter. Pedro Martinez, coach of Baxi Manresa, one of the teams in the ointment, assured that the “percentage of victories cannot be and is unfair (and Manresa that we need to play Bara and Madrid we will now be seeded). We must extend and play all the parties when it is possible “. “And they have to be played with enough preparation time. Not in any way. The health of the players for precipitating the competition must be safeguarded,” the Catalan coach wrote on his social networks.

Manresa himself – yesterday reported that eight players tested negative in the last tests, so that there are only two left in the team – should play his pending match against Bara on Tuesday, but it seems complicated, as they were the cases in the Barça team those who precipitated the suspension of the classic. Jasikevicius and the players Brandon Davies and Nico Laprovittola, in addition to three members of the Barça technical team, tested positive and the outbreak already added nine cases (plus the injured).

Also the Joventut-Real Madrid should be resolved this Tuesday, provided that the white players (Heurtel, Causeur…) that started the outbreak have tested negative and can gather enough pieces, at least nine not infected. For the weekend, the dispute of matchday 17 is scheduled, which marks the end of the first round. It seems unlikely that all the clashes are going to take place.

Reference from elmundo