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ACB: Shermadini, the antihero of the ACB, the threat of Spain | ACB 2021

 ACB: Shermadini, the antihero of the ACB, the threat of Spain |  ACB 2021

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The Georgian giant, already recovered from his injury, left an exhibition in the Canarian derby. The MVP of last season is the beacon of Tenerife and will face the selection in the FIBA ​​windows

Shermadini, during the match against Gran Canaria.Emilio CobosACB PHOTO
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TO Giorgi Shermadini His gray hair is already showing, he is on his way to turning 33 years old, he has been dominating the Endesa League for five years and perhaps because of his appearance as Mr. Bean of 217 centimeters or because his basketball belongs to that time when the giants were kings, it is not very difficult for the amateur to place and value him. Since 2019 it is the pulse of Tenerife, where Txus Vidorreta and, above all, two tremendous bases like Marcelinho Huertas and Bruno Fitipaldo, they have propelled to the skies a career that was hard to break.

Today, the Georgian born in Mtskheta, who in his country this summer was the star guest of the beats shows, is the current MVP of the ACB. He is the beacon of CB Canarias that challenges the greats and the player that produces the most headaches in rival coaches, master of the pick and roll, lethal with his semi-hook, they will dance in the painting, despite the fact that their movements seem to take place in slow motion and are not an external threat: the triple is not in their repertoire. For that reason or because the pvots in his way no longer take, it cost him so much to stretch a race that was projected for other summits, despite starting a little late with the baskets.

Without turning 20, he won a Euroleague with Panathinaikos from Zeljko Obradovic -He will win another one later with Olympiacos, also without much prominence-, but since 2010 he has not stopped trying to find his place: Olimpija, Cant, Maccabi, Oympiacos, Zaragoza, Olympiacos again, Cant again, Andorra, Unicaja and, finally , Tenerife.

At the beginning of the season he suffered a low back injury and the alarms went off. He was going to miss five or six weeks and Tenerife chose to sign him a replacement, Julian Gamble (I have already left, on the way to Burgos). The results did not suffer too much, I barely lost at WiZink and at home against Joventut. Shermadini returned at the beginning of November and after a couple of re-adaptation matches, he already made his mark in this weekend’s Canarian derby. A portentous display. In less than 23 minutes on the court, 25 points without failure, 10 rebounds and 10 fouls received (is it triple-double?) For a 41 valuation. Too much for the residents of Gran Canaria: when he was on the court, +14 for the locals, the 17 minutes that the pvot was not there, +5 for the yellows (best player of the day, of course).

Tenerife stopped being a surprise or revelation long ago. It is already an alternative and this is how the classification shows it again. They have a wonderful coach who also always gives us tasty and controversial ‘canutazos’, an infinite genius like Marcelinho Huertas, a lethal collective chemistry and, above all, a giant like Shermadini, the favorite anti-hero of the Endesa League. A seven-foot nightmare that, by the way, this weekend will be suffered by the Spanish team in the qualification windows for the 2023 World Cup. Fran Guerra, his understudy, another guy who has relaunched his career at La Hamburguesa, will have a job next Monday in Jan.

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