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ACB: Hess guides Barcelona to victory in extra time in a controversial classic. CBA 2021

ACB: Hess guides Barcelona to victory in extra time in a controversial classic.  CBA 2021

Barcelona 108 – 97 Real Madrid

Pablo Lasso complained about a foul by Poirier on Sanli that took extra time in the duel. Jasikevicius’ men are three wins ahead of Real Madrid.

Poirier expressed regret after a foul against Sanli that led to the game going into extra time.EFE
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A classic is, without a doubt, a different game. Nothing has happened before the count. Therefore, it is not at all strange that Real Madrid was quite able to stand up to Barcelona almost to the end in a high-voltage duel. Of course, everything was there. Nikola Mirotic You alberto abalde He was disqualified for assault and the whites won with the tips of their fingers. game, finally, with a staff of poirier that Lasso questioned, went to extra time and there the figure emerged Nigel Hayes to seal a new Barca victory that keeps his team three wins away from eternal rival, with meaning In favor as well. [Narracin y estadsticas: (108-97)]

The blow was certainly intense. Barra dressed in his best in the attack in the first quarter, but he was not that talented in defense. And the players took advantage of it like Tavares, yabusele either deck To stick to the light in the second period (27-23), even though the locals accumulated a maximum profit of 12 points.

Real Madrid, in fact, a. hand in hand with hung up Perhaps wishing to take revenge on his former team, he even went ahead on the scoreboard (33–34), but good work from those already in tune. Exum You miroticand shiny appearance laprovitola, as the duel was headed for a break, he turned the matter again. Argentina, in fact, came in to light Barra five points more with a triple in the end (51-46) which made up for his lack of defensive skills.


Real Madrid tried their luck on the pitch after the break. To such an extent, that Azulgrana only managed to win by a room minimum (20–19) in which, once again, Deck and Yabusele pulled the car off course. The 71-65, with which the fourth period was reached, was an inspiration to the whites, knowing that, by working hard, as Maccabi did on Thursday, they could storm Palau.

Mirotic (i) faces Abalde (c).EFE

The intensity went through the roof, in an escalation that culminated in the disqualifications of Mirotic and Abalde after a scuffle in which both lost their roles. among them LassoIn that exchange of blows, he had victory on his hands, but a personal Poirier, doubtful from a technical point of view, would eventually allow sanali Eight tenths of the end of the match will force an extension. i was of no use lal Look for the pike with a desperate shot.

In the extension, Nigel Hayes, the same one who missed the triple before a foul on Sanli that could have ended the Classic in regulation time, emerged as the leader Barra needed to take the win at the end. The psychological effect of seeing how close the win was, perhaps too disastrous for Madrid which was deprived of its offensive effectiveness at the worst possible time and fell to 108–97.

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