ACB: Hanga and ‘new’ Real Madrid, too much for Tomic CBA 2021

 ACB: Hanga and 'new' Real Madrid, too much for Tomic  CBA 2021

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The Whites, led by the Hungarians (five three-pointers), registered their sixth consecutive win against direct rival Joventut for second place. Croatian singing in painting.

Hunga, defended by Busquets at the Palace.ACB Photos
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With the inertia of the new wave and the mechanism revealed in the quarter-final series against Maccabi that all changed, Real Madrid put together their sixth win in one run, as a return to good habits of long ago, of course. To avoid the dark clouds that have been over the past few months. In a duel of rhythm and exchanges, Joventut was the victim of WiZink, which was also a qualifying wink, as the whites cleared one of the rivals who are waiting for second place. [99-89: Narracin y estadsticas]

It seems clear that with the Final Four on the horizon, Paul Lasso He’s not going to touch too much who has rediscovered him with success. Beyond needing and integrating Gabby Deck In aggressive gear, his roadmap of rotation, the key he pressed to avoid depression, also worked against Penya, a competitor. is one of those people who look like the other adam hanga, The paradigm in favor of the winds, the Hungarian (five triples and 20 points, his white hat) was a torment. Knowledge, experience and power for the moment of truth.

Because, in the pre-Azulgran afternoon-night in the palace, tomic Madrid seemed ready to engage. His performance came in the second half, before Penya still seemed to be weighed down by a tremendous amount, which led to his unexpected elimination in the second round of the Eurocup (he also suffered without injury). Brodzinsky). His initial defense without any encouragement was the wings for Madrid.

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With the abuse of Hanga Buskets And the only answer to the stroke of genius Andrew HappyMadrid opened a gap (20–11), even more so with the second unit, in which they burst with force. poirier (40-27, min 15). He scored at an unbearable rate for Joventut until carles darney A zonal defense was pulled from the cap to reverse the panorama.

And so he managed to partially survive 2-15, while Madrid did not solve the escape room. Derek Williso Dominance, Paul Ribas He was running the show and hurt Tomic Paint. one kill Joel Parra -Recently named best young player in the Endesa league -Finished the first half for a double.

Madrid also came back from the locker room hungry, with an offensive efficiency that shot him down. first laugh and then yabusele and almost always reason, running baskets and a green-black field that was no longer so paralyzed. Joventut remained attached to the meeting in the form of pruning. It’s always a good idea to tomic the ball in the paint, even if Tavares is in front. Croatian dances (25 points) were the oxygen before the final round.

It was brilliance against Kaya, as Poirier also faced off against a former Barca player. And Joventut was again infected to the point of leveling (83–83, min 34), again with the field as a roost. At that crucial moment, the one who grabbed him by the chest in the palace that afternoon was Adam Hunga. A triple, a steal, an assist and a bounce. A 10-0 that was already too much of a burden for Penya.

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