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A Tribute Cup: The First by Pellegrini and the Bordles or the Last by Joaquin or Gay

Betis – Valencia (10:00 pm)

Betis and Valencia want first title of the season in La Cartuja with two different styles but need to claim

Pellegrini and Bordles posing in front of the Cup.RFEF

Leads to glory through La Cartuja. betis and Valencia will seek a copa del rey Scented with tribute. VerdiBlancos have spent seventeen years without touching silver, the last two applauding football full of praise, but without the pedigree that shines in the windows. he no longer consoles manqueperda, Valencia still remembers the exploits of being the recent champions (2019) and remembers how in Seville, in the same stadium, mendieta You louse lopez He inaugurated the joy of an entire generation with a gruesome and cupping tint that ignites Valencianism like wildfire.

This cup, third or ninth, may have been a tribute to Manuel Pellegrini that Spanish football denied him a pin for his Betis at Real Madrid, Villarreal or Málaga, who ceased to shine by his own light. will do it.

Jose accumulates virtues no less Bordles, able to recover the vital signs of a dwarf team and who, without leaving a single step from the dirt fields to the elite, could become the first Valencian coach to introduce the drink to the people of Mestalla. She is against the current which strikes her style and against which she rebels.

Both will do it with their weapons, as different as they are legal. Andalusian people spread their magic, Channel, guide You Fekiroto feed the hunger of borja iglesias, He rocks a sanbenito in front of a Valencia, with sympathy generated by his happy football. If we win they’ll say it’s because we’re non-players, if Betis does it’s because they play well, he lamented Gay,

Betis has to show that they are not under the weight of history and Valencia are experts in that. with its firmness, Gabriel Paulista Among the cottons, the game of his career spawned a talented Geddes’ ability to find electricity. Portuguese is the whip of the party in which Carlos Solar and Gay Play Outburst.

For them this cup is also a dream and a personification of the suffering that they have endured in the gray years. This could be his second title and perhaps, as he has said, that image will be the last that will survive as the Valencianist of the two of them. Both are burdened by their contracts, which it is hard to think about not renewing, but the reality is moving towards a certainty: the sports project does not suit their personal development. You have to enjoy it as we don’t know when it will return in the final, warned the side.

Brooch for Joacun’s career

Another one of the great characters of this finale knows the distaste very well: Joaquin Sanchez, 41 years on the way, he is gone and returned from Vilmarn and sweet and bitter moments as a Verdiblanco. But only two titles shine on his record and those are two cups. One, won 17 years earlier in 2005, against Osasuna, last celebrated by Betisismo. The second, achieved three years later, but with a bat shield white shirt against Getafe at Caldern in 2008.

Verdiblanca Seville and a legacy of neutral football fans demand a farewell to a great player in glory. “Always dreams of being in the final, but years and maturity made me think that first you have to play it. Ever since I returned to Betis, I’ve dreamed of it”, he admitted.

But there is no compassion for the need to exorcise the demons felt by an overturned Valencian who bellows for a shot at survival and pride. No one wants to believe that life in Mestalla waits on strings, destruction and constant resurrection. They cling to the pursuit of a burst of enthusiasm, another mass catharsis that has only happened in Seville over the years.

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