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A night for redemption at Barcelona: Luuk de Jong learns to score, Ter Stegen remembers stopping | LaLiga Santander 2021

 A night for redemption at Barcelona: Luuk de Jong learns to score, Ter Stegen remembers stopping |  LaLiga Santander 2021

LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

Mallorca 0 Barcelona 1

The Dutch striker gives the minimized Barça team in Son Moix an agonizing victory that saves the German goalkeeper in added time

Luuk celebrates with Riqui the goal in Son Moix.N. TWELVEREUTERS

Surrealism tends to attract, like everything that escapes reason and is close to madness. Also in football. Luuk de Jong puzzles and provokes. It’s Dal with a ball. He is such an absurd striker that it is hard not to take his eye off him. Either because his manners, rusty and rough, invite the cruelest mockery. Or because that stone gesture, where you can only see emptiness and expressionlessness, also opens the door to unexpected outcomes. Luuk, the same one who woke up throwing a grotesque pitch that came out of the sideline, also the same one who drew a Chilean so aesthetic that not even the noise of the crossbar restrained mysticism, raised his body again. And with his head I gave the minimized Barcelona a triumph that the critic had to save in the end Ter Stegen. One learned to mark. Another record stop. What better hero than the misunderstood. [Narracin y estadsticas]

The Barça team came to Son Moix loaded with casualties (up to 17) and with their coach, Xavi Hernndez, much better at solving problems than at complaining. Since he had no full-backs, he played with four center-backs. Mingueza, on the right; Araujo, a unique firefighter, on the left. As there was no midfielder to organize and no matter how much Frenkie de Jong will be located in the pivot, few like Eric garca to create and divide. With no first team ends to pull, Ilias and the brave Jutgl they occupied the banks. While Luuk de Jong will be the one who will act as the final point, with the hyperactive Riqui Puig, finally recovered for the cause,hanging around his back.

The game gave for bizarre situations, such as seeing Piqu rehearsing a direct free kick, although with little skill, or Araujo trying to advance as if he were an old-school lane.

However the Mallorca of Luis Garca Plaza, at least in the first act, barely responded. Nor did the absence of the injured help Take kubo, who may well have lent a hand to a Kang-in Lee Condemned to an inspiring monologue at the front, not even the team’s streak (and a victory in 11 games) foreshadowed any football rebellion.

So Barcelona could live relatively in peace. He denied Mallorca’s counterattack attempts thanks to the fact that both Eric Garca and Piqu pushed their midfielders upwards, and in attack the plan was to find the Luuk stem at all costs.

Jutgl, who came from screwing a ball that narrowly came out, was the one who managed to leave Luuk de Jong alone in front of him. Manolo Reina. His filtered pass with the left button deserved an award to which the Barcelona striker did not know how to correspond. The Dutch striker stretched out his leg as far as he could, but the touch was flawed enough for the ball to hit the post, not the net.

A goal to survive

A minute later Luuk sought redemption with his impressive Chilean to the center of Mingueza, who gave him to center all the ball before the impossibility of finding other types of solutions. The insistence of the Barça side, whom Riqui looked for from the balcony of the area, ended up having a prize. Salt Luuk de Jong more than Maffeo, more than RussoEven more than Ronald Araujo, who had also attended the auction. The header served so that Barcelona caught just before the break a goal with which to cheat until the end.

Because Barcelona, ​​each time exhausted, increasingly unrecognizable and increasingly loaded with children (the midfielder debuted in the second half lvaro Sanz, 20 years old, and the extreme Estanis Pedrola, 18) could only survive. Which is also living.

Luis Garca encouraged his players to charge with all their strength in the last leg of the duel, already with Fer Nio, Mboula and even Abdn prats looking for the tie. Perhaps this Barcelona of Xavi could not be asked to defend with the ball and in the rival field. It was enough to trust the wall built by Piqu and Eric Garca, or to move the locals away from the domains of a Ter Stegen that Mboula worried about five minutes from the end. The ball went too high.

Glory awaited the German goalkeeper in the second half, when he pulled out his arm, made of granite, to deny Jaume Costa the draw. If Barcelona has recovered its goalkeeper, it has also recovered life.

Reference from elmundo