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A goal from Correa is not enough for Atltico | LaLiga Santander 2021

 A goal from Correa is not enough for Atltico |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Simeone’s team went ahead against Villarreal, but they let themselves go back and ended up signing the tie thanks to a goal from Kondogbia.

Joao Flix and Felipe leave the field after the game against Villarreal.AFP
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Villarreal was better than Atltico de Madrid for just over an hour and, on the other hand, I ended up thanking the added point after seeing how the physicist abandoned him and left him at the mercy of a rival who had wandered through the game with more pain than glory. and, on the other hand, it resurfaced in the final part of the match to equalize it and even close to victory. [Narracin y estadsticas: 2-2]

With Gerard as the only forward available, Emery opted to accumulate midfielders and use Trigueros in a somewhat more advanced position. And his team started the game well, taking possession of the ball and trying to encircle the goal of Oblak. And what he found was a work of art from strap that at 10 minutes he intercepted a pass from Equal at the dividing line between the two fields, he saw Rulli and a sharp and precise shot was taken, as if it were a sniper, that slipped in the blink of an eye into the yellow goal.

Far from collapsing due to the blow received, Villarreal tried to return the blow soon. And he was about to get it after a center of Moi gmez that Alberto Moreno he finished in an acrobatic fashion but ran into the post. The rebound reached Stupid, that he did not know how to achieve his left-handed shot that ended up marching out.

But the Attico, which was waiting far behind, also gave signs of life just a few minutes later. A perfectly basted counterattack between Correa and Cunha He left the Brazilian forward in a one-on-one with Rulli who, this time, the Argentine goalkeeper successfully saved after his failure in the athletic goal.

The game had no rest and Emery’s team had the draw very close after the penalty indicated by Alberola Rojas after clear hands of Lemar. But Gerard Moreno, an accurate pitcher, missed this time and his shot was rejected by Oblak. Villarreal was also unlucky in the rejection as Parejo scored with a bizarre shot with his hip. But the VAR entered to cancel the goal by the hands of the yellow medium.

Oblak’s fault

Oblak, successful shortly before, failed on the tying play. The athletic goalkeeper failed to catch a lateral center and the ball fell at the feet of Pau that the Villarreal central defender meekly introduced into the red-and-white door.

Villarreal was being better than its rival and the arrivals to the visiting area followed one another. Stupine hunted a ball deep to assist acrobatic Trigueros, but the La Mancha midfielder sent his shot high.

The generous work of the yellow box was looking for the second before the break against an Atltico who had problems reaching Rulli’s goal. Little more than a center of Carrasco that he did not find a finisher before the game went into halftime with everything to be decided in the second half.

Given the good result that their plan had given them in the first half, Villarreal faced the second with identical intentions against an Atltico who, for now, did not touch anything despite their inferiority up to that moment. The prize arrived before the quarter of an hour of the second part. A great triangulation by Villarreal ended with an assist from Parejo to Alberto Moreno who slipped between the pair of central Athletes and overcame Oblak with a shot below the legs that the Slovenian goalkeeper could not stop.

Alberto Moreno scores Villarreal’s second goal.AFP

Once the comeback has been completed, Simeone He was rushed and with half an hour ahead he made a triple change with which to reactivate a dead team and that the best he had done up to that moment was Correa’s goal.

Instead, Cholo’s new plan worked because his team only needed a few minutes to even the match. Carrasco put a ball to Correa that the Argentine attacker did not convert when he met Rulli’s foot. On the other hand, the yellow goal did not know how to stop the subsequent auction of Kondogbia, that slipped under his body.

The match began again but with an Atltico who had been lost and, on the other hand, he again saw the option of a close victory against a disoriented Villarreal. In fact, the game had totally changed and Emery also looked for air from the bench with the entry of Yeremy Y Pedraza.

The match was nearing the end and Villarreal ran out of steam against an Atltico who had the 2-3 in a Lemar shot that the yellow defense sent to crner by little. It was the last athletic opportunity against Villarreal who still had the courage to try until the end, but without luck.

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